White Lies
By Lynn Michell
Published By

Linen Press

ISBN 978-0-9559618-3-0
Fiction Genre Historical
Publication Date 04/01/2011
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.linen-press.com/shop/white-lies/
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Spanning four decades and set in Liverpool during WWII and Nairobi in the 1950s, this is a novel of both epic proportion and intimate narration. At its heart is the poignant love affair between Mary, the young wife of an infantry soldier, and an intelligence officer who truly understands Africa.

Authors Biography

Lynn Michell’s 15 books, children’s, fiction and non-fiction, have been published by mainstream and independent presses. Those closest to her heart are her three novels, The Red Beach Hut, Run, Alice, Run, and White Lies which was runner-up for the Robert Louis Stevenson award.


A debut novel which possesses and is possessed by a rare authority of voice. It is the mother’s voice that sings White Lies into unforgettability.
— Tom Adair, The Scotsman

An anatomist of the human heart.
— Wanda Whitely, HarperCollins

Gripping… with a bombshell of an ending.
— Michele Hanson, The Guardian

Moving, memorable and totally absorbing.
— Sophie Radice, Guardian & Observer columnist

A naturally gifted writer and not afraid 
of ambitious projects as this one is. 
It has great filmic potential.
— Christopher Rush, author of Will

A first class read.
— Martyn Day, Lawyer for former Mau Mau insurgents against the British Government

Credible and touching. Dramatic and tragic.
— The Torch

A wonderful evocation of Africa…Lynn Michell is an extremely accomplished writer. There are passages of extraordinary vividness and beauty.
— Edwin Hawkes, Makepeace Towle

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  1. Wow – brilliantly accomplished

  2. A wonderful book. Historical. Romantic. A moving drama.
    A page-turner.

  3. Love Lynn’s style !

  4. A beautiful evocation of place – you can see, smell and taste Africa. The prose is vivid and elegant, a hallmark of Lynn Michell’s work. The scope is enormous and I can see this novel as a film, unfolding as it does over four decades, encompassing the Second World War and the Mau Mau uprising, all set against the wild beauty of the landscape. At the heart of this novel is family, and the stories we tell and how they are remembered. Especially here, the poignant but adulterous affair between the young mother, Mary, and the intelligence officer. Mary’s voice sings out, but so too do the voices of her children and those caught up in the playing out of this intimate affair across the backdrop of history. A powerful novel which deals with the both the personal and the political. An epic tale.

  5. Please see my review above – I did not intend it to be anonymous

  6. An evocation of love distorted by a colonial context.

  7. A book about love and yearning, viewed through the prism of truth and lies. Can history be rewritten, and ought we to try?

  8. Absolutely beautiful book, you will not be able to put it down.

  9. There is such “truth” in this book, such insight into the human condition. The writer moved and challenged me. It felt personal!

  10. There is a “truth” about this book in both intention and delivery. It is feels very personal despite the landscapes being unfamiliar to me. Definitely a “ keep me” book.

  11. Avril Joy’s review above says exactly what I would say. But then, so do all the other comments. White Lies is such a powerful book and made me see the history of Kenya – a country I love deeply and have visited many times – in a completely new light. And White Lies is such a brilliant title, covering the dual aspect of white lies perpetrated by the Colonial powers, and white lies told within a marriage.

  12. Great book. In my list to give this festive season.

  13. Top banana this book, well worth reading and good to see it getting exposure through this wonderful prize

  14. A powerful novel – I loved it. The structure, characterisation, pace and vivid evocation of a dark time in colonial Africa – all superbly done. And what a clever title! Voices and images linger and I shall recommend it widely.

  15. A beautifully told story that weaves its intimate and political threads into its eponymous title.

  16. A bad sheerer never had a good sickle.

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