Baller Boys


Shay and Frankie are best friends and football crazy! They eat, sleep and breathe football (even when they’re at school!). They dream about playing football, love a kick-about in the park, watch all the big games on TV… all that’s missing in their lives is the chance to play for a real football team. All Cultures United is the best club around for miles and all the footie fans want to on their team… including Shay and Frankie. Are they good enough to impress Coach Reece at the AC United trials? Can their friendship survive the competitiveness of football? Will they ultimately fulfil their goal to become Baller Boys?

Authors Biography

Venessa Taylor is the number 1 bestselling author of Baller Boys. She brings two decades of experience as an inner-city primary school teacher and assistant head teacher to the creation of the Baller Boys series. Aimed at encouraging young boys to find pleasure in reading, the football-themed stories are written with young readers in mind.


‘The book is not only empowering but builds on ones suspense and allows the reader to escape into the world of the characters and their experiences.’ Amazon Review

‘A fantastic read’
Alex Wheatle MBE, author of Home Girl

‘Perfect book for footie fans!’
Clinton Mola, footballer

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  1. A really great read for all young footie fans

  2. My granddaughter is enjoying reading this book. She is not a football fan but she into this book.

  3. Fantastic book.

  4. Great book for young readers.

  5. Not only enjoyed by the children. Really enjoyed listening to it too.

  6. My grandson enjoyed Baller Boys, it has become his favourite bedtime reading.

  7. My nephew loved the story, it was so relatable as he too is football mad.

  8. This is an amazing achievement, fantastic read

  9. A fantastic book for children. A good book for my after-schoolers to read.

  10. Well I’ve never seen a book like this for young readers. Why has it taken so long for something like this to come on the market. Well done vanessa

  11. This book is just a lovely frantic book to read
    I would recommend this book to anybody any age boy or a girl

  12. Absolutely loved this book. You don’t have to be a football lover to enjoy it, it’s something for all ages.
    The book is relatable in so many different ways.
    It was a really good read!

  13. Baller Boys is one of the most important books for a child to read. It’s cultural diversity allows children to see themselves & others through a warm & inclusive story line. A great read too! 🤗

  14. Baller Boys is a fantastic read! My son really enjoyed this book and seeing characters that looked like himself was a breath of fresh air.

  15. I read the book with my grandsons who absolutely love football, they thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was great bonding time with them,

  16. A brilliantly written book that is perfect for reluctant readers. My boys (7 & 9) thoroughly enjoyed it. 5 Stars! Absolutely recommend it.

  17. Excellent book. My son loves it. He also learned some new words

  18. That book is amazing are hole family loves it! ❤️ My

  19. I’m very happy with my book 📚 It’s won of my favourite books I read I love 💕 it a lot 🎾 boys

  20. Fabulous book Vanessa hope all goes well it is an inspirational book to all and a wonderful book congratulations hope to see book to soon xx

  21. A fantastic read, congratulations Vanessa . Truly inspirational. Hopefully the first of many.

  22. What a fantastic book. I reallly enjoy this as the characters were all relatable

  23. Such a enjoyable, and relatable read! When’s the sequel available to purchase

  24. A great read. All children will all find a character they can relate too. My grandson loved it.

  25. Great read. Will get my boys to read this book.

  26. Lovely 😊 lady with a lovely story book

  27. I like so much it was full off boys who were all so different, from different places/homes, different personalities but they all came together through the joy of being part of a team. A football team.
    Makkie aged 8.

  28. A great book. I am sure all children will love it and will find a character they can relate too. Mine did, I hope there is more to come.

  29. A great addition to my classroom. The boys are ecstatic there is another book with a character who looks just like them. Great representation.

  30. Great book with such a wide variety of characters. A story that will become a classic. Would recommend for all kids.

  31. Amazing book ideal for all ages, illustrations really helped get a image of all the players and gives a great picture of the whole story.

  32. Excellent children’s book ! The messages given to the readers are important and delivered in beautiful.

  33. Hi Vanessa, truly encouraging for both young and old readers. Well done and looking forward to your next inspirational read.

  34. Fab book, would definitely recommend.

  35. Bought this book for my Godson. The only book he has yet been addicted to! Excellent read, even for me!

  36. Fantastic read for both girls and boys

  37. Very enjoyable

  38. My son read this book in 4 days and loved every bit of it. Highly recommended!!

  39. Great read for young boys whose life is about football. Very relevant to them and so gets them reading

  40. A real good read and characters you can relate to or actually see yourself.

  41. Inspiration writing for young children especially encouraging boys.

  42. My son really enjoyed this book he identified with the characters as he himself is a football fan. He kept going back to read and didn’t stop till he finished. Highly recommended especially if your children don’t like to read.

  43. Brilliant Read. All young readers will find a character in the book who they can associate with.

  44. Excellent for young readers

  45. My son really enjoyed this book. He is into football and it’s nice that the main character is like him!

  46. Fabulous book

  47. My son really enjoyed this book and finished it within 2 days! He has recommended it to his friends and has now passed it onto his little sister to read.

  48. Great book

  49. Love it, keep going représentation.

  50. My son loved this book and read it over and over again!

  51. Fantastic children’s book, congratulations

  52. Ordered for my Godson, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  53. Such a wonderful story!

  54. This was a great read.A great book for readers of all ages.My daughter loved it
    as she’s a big football fan and the main character looks like her brother

  55. A fantastic book

  56. Great book, my grandchildren loved it, can’t wait for the next one. ❤️

  57. I was wonderful book to read i would recommend it to everybody even if u dont love read this book would make you start thank

  58. Good for children’s

  59. I am a lover of soccer, player, coach and soccer Scouting are all on my playing and Management CV.
    I would love a few copies of the book for my players in the UK.

  60. It’s a good children’s book I wish we could get it in the Caribbean soon

  61. Great book my sons really enjoyed it

  62. You should do a movie on this book it is amazing

  63. Fantastic read.

  64. This book is astonishing. It would want kids to have a squeal to it.

  65. Read the book to my class and they loved it. We used it as a starting point to discuss belonging and friendship, great book. Look forward to the next one

  66. The best book ever for footy fans

  67. A great read for black future leaders

  68. Fantastic book and well written. Highly recommend 😊

  69. This is a very good read for any child Jamaica could do well with books like these in the schools .

  70. A fabulous read for all!

  71. A really great book that reflects the make up of my classroom. The children both boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the different characters and their lives as well as all the references to football. A really fun book.

  72. Nice bookdes

  73. I think this is the best book out there there is not a other book like this that kids can read and enjoy

  74. Excellent read, this book is truly about inclusion and diversity. How times are changing, I am so happy to know my mixed race children can at last read a book which includes them. When I was growing up as a child there were no books at all which included people like me ie, persons of colour.

  75. Great read and kept on point for young football lovers

  76. Representation matters. Thank you Vanessa for writing Baller Boys.

  77. Intresting read for football lovers

  78. My twin 10 year old boys both loved it and read it in record time. They love reading when they’re reading the “right” things. And this, in lots of ways, was definitely right for them

  79. Congratulations!!

  80. A great read for middle school children.

  81. Great inclusivity, love it!

  82. Congratulations Miss Taylor

  83. A beautiful story. Refreshing glimpse of real life, raw ambitions and aspirations of London/urban boys incapsulating the essence of family and community. Great timing.

  84. Perfect during lock down.

  85. This book is absolutely brilliant. My son has allergies like the character and has the same name Shay (my sons name spelt Ché). We enjoyed the book so so much I bought a second copy as a Kwanzaa present for my nephew.

    The author Vanessa Taylor offered me a discount for my second copy I said no and paid full price for the love I have for the book and the love I have for black business. Well done Vanessa Taylor 👏🏾👏🏾

  86. My freind and I continuously search high and low for books to keep feeding our boys with.

    So grateful for this. Full of a real essence of Britain and importantly, chatacters they could immediately relate to. (Books we find are usually American with related nuances)

    Totally enthused and could not put this down. We look forward to the next book. Perhaps a series!

    Thank you so much. Coach Darceville surely lives on x

  87. Well I am so proud of my girl Venessa known her for so long the book is amazing brought all my grandchildren a copy and they all enjoyed it can’t wait for part two my self let alone for the children I tell all parents to go out and buy this book great read for all ages love you v go girl

  88. I really love the book its really interesting.

  89. So impressed. Love it!

  90. Ballerboys has given some joy and positive distractions to children battling cancer or children of parents in need of stem cell and organ transplants as well as blood transfusions during these challenging times of COVID lockdown.

  91. As a black male, I wish I’d had a book like this when I was growing up, that had characters that looked like me and my friends and had the same concerns we had. I hope the right people are taking notice of this book and making sure it is in all schools and libraries.

  92. A really great book for children and adults. Children need more books like this, I like that it has children from all different cultures and backgrounds. A book for everyone, hope there’ll be a few more from this author.

  93. Fun read with great characters that many kids can relate to 👍🏼

  94. Awesome book. I have more than one copy so I could share with my wider family and they also have enjoyed the book.
    Love the characters and also the artwork (touches my heart ❤)

    Great work by Vanessa Taylor

  95. Absolutely brilliant book! My 6 year old son really enjoyed reading this book; my daughter even read it after hearing some of the pages her brother read aloud and enjoyed it. I love the diversity and the way it engages the reader!
    I’d love more of your books and look forward to your future releases x

  96. Related to kids enjoyed the read myself keep up the good work

  97. A book that culturally represents all children as they see themselves on it’s pages, looking forward to the next instalment.
    Well done

  98. Great book for children and adults alike.capturing young minds and inspiring them to achieve their goals hopefully this will inspire the author to pen another installment

  99. BallerBoys is a really entertaining book for kids and adults. A real Heartwarming family book that touches on some everyday issues that children face that parents and schools can use to start conversations. Some parts even made me laugh out loud. Well done to the author

  100. Is book is great 👍

  101. What a fantastic book! My football crazy nephew couldn’t get enough of this book. The author truly delivered an engaging, exciting, insightful and funny book. Absolutely perfect for young boys and girls to encourage their love of reading, as each chapter grips more than the last. The author transports you into the diverse lives of this young football team, the ups and downs, and the highs and lows. While teaching important life lessons along the way. A truly inclusive book!

  102. Great book. I’ve seen this story a lot in football and Baller Boyz captures real life in central london. Great read, great book and a great team. Love it Vanessa

  103. Amazing book!

  104. Great work, 👏🏿

  105. A great read for all children. I’ve even seen reluctant readers become engaged and engrossed with this book.
    One question…when is the next one coming out?

  106. We read this book as part of a book club I started for my son aged 10. All the boys thought it was an excellent read. We had some great discussions about the different characters and their journeys. The book allowed for positive reflections around self esteem and self worth, being different friendships and more. I would highly recommend this book!

  107. My 7 year old son is a non fiction fan but this book hit the spot. Not only does he love football, he could relate to some of the characters, the storyline and the detail in the football. He absolutley loved the book and reccomneded it to all his friends. He is hapoy to say he is a Baller Boys Super Fan and I am Super Proud! Thank you Venessa for hitting in the net and getting it so right!

  108. This book was a great read, my little girl loved it

  109. Great book, my son and i read it together, great story, looking for more

  110. My 9 year old was enthralled from the first chapter. He constantly pointed out similarities between himself and Shay. It was wonderful to hear the updates he gave me and see his little face full of enthusiasm. A fantastic book, by a wonderful author … for amazing kids 😊💕

  111. Brilliant book, my son thoroughly enjoyed it!

  112. Brilliant book for all ages. Not just the normal football book so girls and boys will enjoy it. Love the diversity and the way the author addresses different disabilities and difficulties some kids may have ❤️

  113. Absolutely amazing book! The kids love it. Congratulations 💙

  114. Great book!

  115. Great book very relevant, both my children loved it. ⚽️

  116. An excellent read where children can identify with characters just like themselves, I’ve bought this for many family members and friends’ children! Thoroughly recommend!

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