Battle Cry


Following a catastrophic patrol during the British Army’s bloodiest year in Afghanistan, Jess, an army medic, finds herself embroiled in the issues faced by two of her colleagues. Despite her attempts to fight her feelings, she finds herself drawn closer and closer to her Section Commander, Rix, with almost fatal consequences. Can their love survive the almost insurmountable obstacles that they face, and is it stronger than Army regulations and PTSD?

Authors Biography

Rosie became interested in mental health issues in servicemen and women after watching a poignant documentary and felt compelled to research and write her debut novel, Battle Cry. Battle Cry tells the story of how love can grow from the most unexpected of places, and how the longest lasting, most life changing battle scars are not always those we can see.

Becoming a published author has been a lifelong dream for Rosie, and she is delighted to have achieved it. She is keen to encourage other young people to follow their writing dreams and will be sharing her writing journey on social media.


What a superb first novel from this new author – absolutely loved it! As a military wife, I was astounded by the attention to detail and such realistic descriptions of military life.

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  1. I loved it!

  2. An incredible debut. A real insight into army life. The focus on mental health was emotional and powerful. Loved it.

  3. Such a brilliant book with characters thst feel real and a sensitive approach to mental health

  4. Absolutely brilliant read!

  5. A superb debut novel that has me eagerly awaiting the sequel. I was utterly enthralled from the first word as we dive into the action before we journey through multiple layers of the depths of human emotions explored regarding PTSD. I love the complexity of characters which made them feel really real

  6. A fabulous achievement to write this book I was gripped from cover to cover and couldn’t put the book down. Can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Fantastic

  8. A fantastic read. Once I started it I couldn’t put it down. I am really looking forward to the next book.
    The author made the story stand out , especially with the mental health and ptsd. I felt as if I was actually there in the story feeling the emotions of the characters.

  9. Loved every second! You really get into the storylines and really get to know the characters. The author had clearly done her research and her second book, Battle Torn, was just as amazing as the first!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Absolutely loved reading this book … such a griping story… didn’t want to put it down… well done Rosie Jones …👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Loved it, such a good read! Couldn’t put it down! Ordered battle thorn to so can’t wait to read that! 😁💕

  12. I entered a giveaway to win this book and I won it! Even if I didn’t I was 100% going to order it because it sounded just up my street. I’ve finished it and it was such an incredible book!! I loved every single page! Thank you Rosie for writingetting such an amazing book💜

  13. Absolutely loved it, hooked from the first chapter. So well written and informative not only about army life but the repercussions on mental health having served in the army and how this affects people differently.
    Loved the characters and am now thoroughly enjoying Battle Torn, the sequel. Highly recommend this new author.

  14. Loved it! Great story, interesting characters, about to read the sequel!

  15. loved it, fantastic read

  16. Couldn’t put this book down! A brilliant read

  17. fantastic read, couldn’t put it down – read it all in one go. Wanted to know what happened with the characters and how they developed.

  18. A powerful, beautifully written debut novel. I love how the stories of the three main characters are woven together. The perfect balance between action & romance, couldn’t put it down!

  19. Loved this book such an easy read but addictive from start to finish looking forward to reading more

  20. A brilliant book which had me in tears at points, powerful emotions and a beautiful love story.

  21. What a wonderfully written book. It shows the true to life experiences of our military personnel. Rosie Jones captures it all, I found it hard to put this book down.

  22. So with the times!

  23. A great read. Loved the story. Very well researched and the characters were well written and totally immersed me in the story wanting to know what happened to them.

  24. One of the best Book Series I have ever read! I can’t wait to see read more of her work! X

  25. What you dont see with your eyes dont witness with your mouth.

  26. Really gripping story. I was hooked by the first couple of pages and couldn’t put it down !!

  27. Fantastic debut novel. I couldn’t put it down. Definitely an author to look out for.

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