I am Adila from Gaza
By Mabel Encinas-Sanchez
Published By

Victorina Press

ISBN 9781999619541
Fiction Genre 6yrs - 12yrs & 17 double page spread illustrations
Publication Date 12/01/2018
Price 7.00
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.victorinapress.com/product/i-am-adila-from-gaza/


Hello! I am Adila and I live in Gaza. Where do you live?

Adila is a five-year-old living in Gaza. Beautifully illustrated, the book carries a powerful message about the everyday life of a girl living in a war conflict zone

Authors Biography

Mabel Encinas-Sanchez, a Mexican poet and member of writing groups, including The Women Writers on Memory. She has worked with children, parents and teachers most of her life. She teaches at a university in the UK and her current research involves a board game that she created.

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  1. It’s so important for children to see themselves in books. A valuable contribution to multicultural children’s literature.

  2. Really crucial for children to see themselves, identify with characters and experiences of loss and well as of hope.

  3. When the wonderful illustrations in this book are read in conjunction with the story, the message is clear: children want peace and to grow in a place where they can feel safe with their families. Full of symbols of peace and hope, this is not just a story for children. It can leave adults thinking and feeling hopeful for the future of children living in conflict zones.

  4. A fabulous book — spread the word!

  5. Child’s eye view of conflict steeped in hope

  6. A bold and hopeful children’s book set in a Gaza which could seem a hopeless place.

  7. I love this book because is a good tool to explain my children about what happen when you are refugee o migrant person. It is not easy to go away from your motherland, specially when your country is in continue occupation, like Palestine. So Adila tool us about these stories that usually you don’t listen from mainstream editorials or newspapers. Is a big achievement have this book in my family library.

  8. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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