My Lockdown Poems
By Amber Zaman
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9781916254268
Fiction Genre Children's (age 7-10)
Publication Date 09/17/2020
Price 6.99
Paperback Hyperlink


As a global pandemic, Covid-19 affected the lives of millions of people across the world. This book gives a child’s eye view from Amber Zaman of what happened in the UK, captured in eleven beautifully illustrated poems in collaboration with acclaimed Illustrator Ursula Hurst. From closed schools, to fun on Zoom, a shortage of hand sanitiser and the hope of rainbows, enjoy a unique perspective on the main event of 2020.

Authors Biography

Eight year old Amber from Yorkshire wanted to write and illustrate her own book. Her dream has finally come true. During lockdown , Amber used poetry and illustration as a means of expressing how she felt about what was happening, developing poems that capture her life during the first four months of the UK’s Covid -19 Lockdown, alongside illustrations that show a wish for a brighter future. Amber has worked with illustrator Ursula Hurst, creating artwork that looks professional yet maintains the freshness and innocence of Ambers work.

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  1. Wonderful book especially coming from an young child

  2. All the best … at such a young age.. its a huge achievement well done…

  3. Talented young lady

  4. Wishing you all the best from Zambia great talent.

  5. All the best beautiful. I hope this is truly just the beginning Goood luck From Gloria with love

  6. Wishing you the best of luck, amazing talent at such a young age xx

  7. Young lady i know great work and good luck for the future

  8. Best of luck:)

  9. Amazing talent by a wonderful girl inspiration to a lot of young children keep up the good work amber.

  10. Amazing effort and may your talent shine through

  11. a young new talent at last !! She will bring more great books and inspiration to all the young Children out there will come and keep going😊

  12. Talented little girl all the best and many more books to come well done xx

  13. Brilliant!

  14. A great companion during lock down!Ma

  15. Well done Amber. Your mum must be so proud of you!
    Keep up the good work

  16. Talented little author

  17. My little fatty !

  18. Very talented. Brilliant!

  19. Well done you little star 🌟

  20. This is such a lovely book colourful engaging and a lovely read, especially in these times to have such a lovely young author Amber so proud of you and your mum you will go far especially such a young age and so much talent well done huni

  21. Well done keep up the great work

  22. A very talented young author… Loved reading her book to my little one.

  23. Excellent young writer

  24. Hi. Really good read cheered me up x

  25. well done Amber keep up the good work xx

  26. Hello amber , well done girl ! Keep up the inspiration, so proud of you , to do such a wonderful poem book that will cheer up so many

  27. You are amazing. Keep up the good work and best of luck for the future!!!

  28. Fantastic book, well done

  29. Hi Amber, wishing you the best of luck , future queen you are great daughter of great mom , you are a very talented young author,keep it up

  30. Amber has a great future ahead of her as a young children’s author with her very inspiring book.

  31. Well done Amber

  32. well done Amber keep up the good workxxx

  33. Keep up the fab work young lady!

  34. Best of luck to an awesome little author

  35. You’re a little super star Amber. An inspiration to young authors everywhere. X

  36. Well done Amber, keep up the good work.
    All the best for the future. xx

  37. Well done Good luck you are very talented

  38. Well done.Very talented girl❤️

  39. Beautifully written book Well done.

  40. Well done amber keep up the good work

  41. Well done amber keep up the good work. Best of luck

  42. Great Work Amber

    Look forward to the sequel

    God Bless

  43. Good luck Amber xxx

  44. What a clever little girl! Making something beautiful out of something challenging x

  45. Well done Amber ! Wish you all the best xxx

  46. Well done amber so proud of you sweetheart x

  47. Great book, best of luck hope you all the best for your future

  48. Well done Amber this is a great book, keep it up 👍

  49. Well done!

  50. Amber my niece Is gonna win. 🙂

  51. Best of luck to Amber. you are an inspiration to other young people x

  52. Well done Amber!

  53. Great job, well done 👏

  54. Great idea for a book! This will make a lovely lockdown souvenir and I’m sure Amber will go far in life. Best of luck.

  55. Wow

  56. Great work

  57. Great work as a little Authour and an illustrator

  58. Great little Authour and an illustrator

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