Other Girls Like Me
By Stephanie Davies
Published By

Bedazzled Ink Publishing

ISBN 978-1-949290-38-7
Fiction Genre Biography
Publication Date 09/01/2020
Price 13.70
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Other-Girls-Like-Stephanie-Davies/dp/1949290387/
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Stephanie has done her best to play by the rules, which were stacked against girls like her. The Greenham women call for backups in the face of eviction from their muddy tents. Stephanie joins them and her life as a Greenham woman changes the course of her life forever.

Authors Biography

Stephanie Davies is a communications consultant who worked as the Director of Public Education for Doctors Without Borders. She grew up in a small rural village in Hampshire, earned a teaching degree from Aberystwyth University, and a BA from Bath University, England. Stephanie currently lives in New York state.


“Other Girls Like Me is a lyrical, fluent and elegant read—it is funny and poignant in equal measure.” Ann Limb, Chair of the Scouts

“Other Girls Like Me is funny and sad, powerful and inspirational. Her prose is lyrical, even mesmerizing.” Beverly Donofrio, Riding in Cars with Boys

“I couldn’t put it down. Stephanie’s warmth and compassion shine through these pages. What a life!” Neri Tannenbaum, Producer, Orange is the New Black

” Davies paints full portraits of her siblings and her parents, and she lyrically describes the English countryside, offering her observations, her experiences.” Ms Magazine

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  1. I read Stephanie’s book in one weekend. It’s a playbook for being courageous in life and standing up for issues you believe in.

  2. A thrilling ride expertly told with humor and grace. My whole family loved it!

  3. A beautiful book, perfectly interweaving Stephanie’s personal journey with the story of the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp. Her descriptions create such a vivid sense of place. A truly empowering and inspiring read.

  4. An extremely powerful book, and beautifully told. I found it very inspirational.

  5. I read this book in two sittings —- I couldn’t put it down. This is a personal story set within an important time in history that has not been adequately covered or understood. This book is a stand out among the other nominees and in this year’s non fiction offerings.

  6. This book is a compelling, heartfelt account of part of our social history that is not often told and deserves more attention. It does a great job of detailing the power of a social movement, through a personal and moving story. It deserves widespread recognition.

  7. I read this book in one long happy sitting – it reminds us that you can make a difference and have fun doing it and some fairly hair raising adventures

  8. Inspirational!

  9. Stephanie is such an amazing writer, I couldn’t put the book down!

  10. What a joy to read. The Greenham Women’s Peace Camp had a profound effect on the lives of many women, those who lived there for sure but also the many who visited and carried Greenham home with them in their hearts; this made that piece of my heart sing.

  11. Brilliantly written memoir of a time in my teenage life that those courageous women had me enthralled. Will never forget all the news surrounding them

  12. I love this book! A propulsive coming of age story of activism and optimism. Inspirational.

  13. Suddenly I was deep into it. A inspirational story story about personal discovery, activism, compassion. We meet each other now and mostly have no idea of what those early lives were for others – Those affecting people and circumstances that give us a foot hold into our older selves. I didn’t want it to end.

  14. A great example.

  15. I loved this book and how open and honest Davies was. It became such a sweet and personal reading experience. It was one of my favorite books of the year and I’ve read over two hundred. I highly recommend this book.

  16. Other Girls Like Me touched me in so many ways. It is a vivid portal into the lives of a determined group of women making a difference in the fight against the nuclear establishment. The characters are intense and colorful and a collective force to be reckoned with. A deeply personal narrative thread is woven throughout that makes me feel the energy and spirit of the struggle more deeply. I look forward to reading Other Girls Like Me again.

  17. Other Girls Like Me was filled with so much heart…..it had me smiling through tears. Such an authentic voice and lens… into coming of age activism….beautifully dancing off the pages. I highly recommend this book.

  18. I recall hearing about the Greenham Women and being secretly proud of them, at a time when I lived with elders who thought it was a disgrace. I couldn’t wait to read this, and I was not disappointed. Not only is the story moving and personal, adventurous and captivating – it is well written. It is on my “Keeper” shelf – to be re-read and re-read.

  19. Stephanies’ book, ‘Other Girls Like Me’ is emotionally powerful, beautifully written and asks to be read and reread.

  20. Pamela Davies

  21. ‘Other Girls Like Me’ Is a wonderful tribute to the thousands of women who rose up in protest against American nuclear arms being thrust not only upon Greenham, Berkshire, but also around the world. Stephanies beautifully written book covers every human emotion as I, among many others can testify.

  22. ‘Other Girls Like Me’ is such a great book! Stephanie’s style is so mesmerizing and effortlessly beautiful. The story is so inspiring – The Greenham women courageously broke the rules that society sketched for them, they left everything behind to embark on a this heroic mission to protest against the American cruise missiles at the Berkshire site. The story is filled with courage, laughter, activism and most of all love and optimism. ‘Other Girls Like Me’ is a must-read.

  23. I absolutely loved this book. It brought back so many memories.

  24. Brilliantly written! I loved reading this book.

  25. An engaging and moving book, insightful, revealing and brave, by and about an impressive woman at a remarkable historical moment.

  26. A brave, insightful, entertaining memoir told with humor. It was a pleasure to read!

  27. Absolutely loved that book.

  28. I loved this book. It was a fun, inspiring, engaging read and underlines the importance of staying true to yourself, the value of friendship, and standing up for what you believe in.

  29. Very engaging—honest, vivid, and compelling. Beautifully written.

  30. We did this book for our book club, we all got different things from it – some loved the activism, some the more lyrical writing about the English countryside. She really brought to life the people that she met, lived with and loved. I’m looking forward to the next one…

  31. Stephanie Davies wrote what has been my favorite book by far these last couple years.
    It puts you in the middle of the action, where you feel the crunch of the ground beneath your feet and see the look on other people’s faces as you take part in this historic movement while at the same time figuring out right versus wrong, truth versus bullshit, and ultimately who you are and what you stand for. It’s for everyone including history buffs and social movement scholars. It ought to be on junior high and high school reading lists as well as on graduate level sociology reading lists. Davies through her brilliant and incisive writing illuminates the intricate, mysterious connection between living life as an individual and moving society forward as a collective. For that, she deserves the prize.

  32. A generously-told and honest memoir that shares a genuine struggle to find, and make, your place in the world. Would especially recommend to young people uncertain about their own place and identity, and uncertain how to navigate their future

  33. One if the best honest books ive read in a while. Beautifully written and completely relatable as well as a great book for the young as well as others finding themselves at any age.

  34. I read Stephanie’s in a weekend since I couldn’t put it down.
    In high school, I remember being inspired by the Greenham women’s protest. These years later, it’s exciting to know Stephanie was one of the voices standing up for peace.

  35. Beautifully captures the place, the times and a special moment in history.

  36. As an anti-nuclear activist during the 1980s, I was fascinated and inspired by the women who had devoted their lives to protesting the U.S. missile base at Greenham Common. Reading Other Girls Like Me brought this not-so-distant history fully to life. Stephanie Davies is a wonderful writer, who compellingly knits together the politics of the era with her own delightful family story and her own coming of age. It’s a fabulous, page-turning read!

  37. Such grit and grace, wisdom, adventure, soul in this book. A delight to be privy to the development of a courageous, gently brash, young woman, determined to stand up to the injustices of this world. And to see that she actually did change things, made this world a little better, and better still by telling us about this epoch of her life. By the time I read the last words of this riveting book, I wanted to shout Bravo!

  38. Moving, inspiring and comforting about a slice of England previously untold — The Greenham Common Women. This book caught me at a moment in time during the pandemic so I read Stephanie’s memoir in a couple of days and it gave me hope and strength and knowledge. You can’t really ask for more from a book than that can you?

  39. By the first paragraph on the first page, I was hooked. One of the BEST books I have ever read and I read a LOT.

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  41. Possession is nine points of the law.

  42. Other Girls Like Me is written with remarkable economy, there seems to be no excess, and this precision is applied in an incredibly rich variety of modes, evoking nature, emotional states and situational contours with equal dexterity throughout. I saw not a single superfluous word and felt my time respected as a reader, Ms Davies is a deft and compelling writer. Her story immediately drew me onward by its own gentle urgency, the telling so searching and clear and attentive to the nuances of her upbringing and self discovery that I felt I learned a great deal. Her descriptions of The Greenham Commons Woman’s Camp is not just an important historical record of the time, she evokes the power of context in her times. The vibe and energy of first experience was thrilling as much for the visionary re as with of the women protesters as for the nitty gritty of camp life that is shared and experienced by anyone who commits to service through actions like Occupy Wall Street in the present moment. The telling of Ms Davies story is aa real to now and it is evocative of a social moment that is never to be repeated quite the same way again. Her brilliance of expressing these times is of its simultaneous intimacy of the individual heart and it’s universality. That she could be do poetic and spare and yet do rich in detail is masterful achievement of language and I enjoyed every page immensely.
    Thank you. Aa

  43. This is a lovely book, beautifully written, full of courage, optimism, and hope for a better future. When my daughter is old enough to appreciate what women like Stephanie have done for us all, I will read it to her and hope that she will be as brave and fight as hard for what is right.

  44. Wonderful book full of inspiration and honesty. What a fabulous movement towards equal rights and peace. The fight goes on.

  45. It’s a great book!

  46. Beautiful written book that reflected the personal and worldly struggles of both that time and now. A must read

  47. This is a really evocative book. The times, places and personal experiences it describes are brought to life nicely, with economy and style. It is interesting to read about Stephanie’s activism at Greenham Common – an important moment in British history – but her account of personal relationships and development is equally compelling. The book stayed with me for some time after reading.

  48. A fantastic book — incredibly well-written – cinematic – I was right there with her!

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