By Jane Adams
Published By

Joffe Books

ISBN 978-1-78931-453-3
Fiction Genre Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Publication Date 06/26/2020
Price 1.99
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All Lauren wants to be is safe. But her brutal father has other plans. When she kills the man she’s being forced to marry, she goes on the run. Knowing that her father won’t stop until he kills her, Lauren turns to undercover cop Petra Merrow for help. It’s that or die.

Authors Biography

Jane is the author of more than thirty novels. Her first novel was nominated for the Authors’ club award and the CWA John Creasey for best debut novel. Jane also teaches creative writing and is a read and mentor for The Literary Consultancy, a Royal Literary Fund Fellow and FRSA.


“I couldn’t put it down. So much grit.” Michelle G.

“Absorbing and very tense.” Hannelore C.

“I found myself drawn, shaken and gasping to carry on.” Beverly Ann H.

“This book was so good! I was drawn in from the first sentence right to the last. The story was full of twists and turns.” Stephanie (NetGalley)

“A well written and cleverly plotted read with a fast-paced storyline, unique viewpoint and interesting characters.” Donna B.

“Action-packed.” Amanda H.

“Lauren is a terrific character, brave, smart and very adult for her age . . . it’s hard to put the book down, I loved it. Highly recommended!” Hannelore C.

“Gripping.” Vikkie W.

“Shocking, fast paced and engaging plot that leaves you feeling chilled . . .” Anne R. (NetGalley)

“Safe is a fast-paced crime thriller that got my attention right away and kept it peaked until the very end.” Christy C. (NetGalley)

“A great read, book one in this series and hopefully more to follow.” Ray G. (NetGalley)

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  1. Safe is by far one of my favourite books this year! I can’t remember any other book that kept me up reading past midnight. It’s a perfect page-turner!

  2. Gripping

  3. Brilliant read, loved the story line

  4. Brilliant read,well recommended.

  5. Thrilling!

  6. Excellent read. Another goodie from this author. Never disappointed.

  7. Magnificent. Highly recommended.

  8. Oh Wow such a fantastic read

  9. Love Jane Adams! Another hit, don’t miss it!

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