Subtitle for Children and Families
By Rachel Pantin & Mauricio Venegas-Astorga
Published By

Victorina Press

ISBN 978-1-9996195-2-7
Fiction Genre 2yrs - 7yers. Number of illustrations 20 double page spreads.
Publication Date 11/20/2018
Price 15.00
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Meet Songo, Songo loves to sing and dance and is here to share words and music with you.
Twenty wonderful songs in this beautifully designed book and CD taking your child on a magical journey to discover their voice and the power of words and communication through music.

Authors Biography

Mauricio and Rachel work as part of a larger organisation called Musiko Musika. As well as bringing culture from round the world to children and familes, Mauricio and Rachel wanted to also help the children develope their language skills. This is where Songo comes to play!

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  1. Fabulous book for parents and carers to use with young children to inspire a love of language and song.

  2. Great book and CD, amazing to bring children and adults together

  3. Songo is a lovely character that teaches children to sing and create their own songs. A linguistic and musical story worth having in your collection of children’s books. Loved it!

  4. Simply brilliant.

  5. Fun to share

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