The Amazing Journey of Katy Cupsworth, The Performance Warrior
Subtitle Finding the Six Secrets of the Footballing Mindset
By Ross McWilliam
Published By

Filament Publishing LTD

ISBN 978-1-913192-48-8
Fiction Genre 9-11
Publication Date 11/26/2019
Price 10.99
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Every child has a window of opportunity to develop their potential. The Performance Warrior is a simple, effective way to enhance a child’s development so each child can make a positive impact in the world. Every child deserves the opportunity to be a success…are you going to provide this opportunity?

Authors Biography

Ross has been involved in educating children, young adults and senior professionals for over 30 years, visited over 1,000 schools, colleges and universities, and changed the lives of one million people. Ross has developed not only his knowledge, but the way he tries to understand, engage and empower his audiences.


“A book stepped in the veracity of the author’s lived experience of learning, and a generous invitation to young readers to recalibrate their own changes of realising their dreams.” Dr Barry Hymer, Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria

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  1. Excellent

  2. Ross has found an interesting And engaging way to help children in positive decision making with dilemmas they may face in every day life through Katie Cupsworth.

  3. Ross has a fantastic way of giving young readers a feeling of self-worth; critical life skills!

  4. An enjoyable story with a mix of fantasy and important life messages.

  5. It would be wonderful if every child could have the opportunity to read about Katy, as all Children should know they are worthy .. excellent book.

  6. I think every child should read about Katy, as all children should know they are Worthy..

  7. A great home or school resource, lots of opportunities to explore thoughts and feelings and build children’s resilience. The football theme draws children in and makes them want to read more.

  8. Fabulous and a must read!

  9. Spread the word!

  10. A great way of helping children through their growing up journey

  11. So useful. High recommended.

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