The Case of the Disgusting School Dinners


Being at school is boring. It’s really boring when you already know what you’re going to be. It’s really, really boring when you’re going to be something cool like a Private Investigator. Until then, Mina’s going to practise for her future. By keeping notes on all her classmates, spying on suspicious teachers, noticing every little—

Wait …

Aren’t school dinners a bit strange? Chicken nuggets? Again? On Pizza? Covered in chocolate? Nobody wants to live on lettuce and broccoli, but children are losing teeth over this! This needs investigating.

This looks like a case for Mina Mistry.

About the Mina Mistry Investigates series:
Mina Mistry Investigates is a fun detective series packed with comic-style illustrations and mystery-solving throughout. Great for reluctant readers aged 7+ and fans of Dork Diaries.

Authors Biography

Angie Lake is a freelance writer with a background in the Spanish music industry. Born in the UK and raised on the Spanish Costa Blanca, Angie travelled extensively. She studied Psychology in Barcelona and began her writing career in the Spanish national music press. Angie also writes novels and children’s fiction.


“This is such a fun book for early readers! Mina is a really great character and her personality literally jumps off the page! She is super smart, funny, and sassy too! My daughter loved it!” (Lindsay Landolt, NetGalley)

“This is a fun story, an easy read. Mina is so adorable. She’s smart and sassy. I want to have a child like her, honestly. I like how simple the story is that makes it enjoyable to read. I think kids will definitely love it.” (Marianne Suba, NetGalley)

“Very cute and easy for young children to read. The illustrations were adorable and expressive.” (Iman B., NetGalley)

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  1. Fantastic read. Great for all ages!

  2. This is fantastic for all ages, I love how its written! My kid lives it!

  3. Wow my grand sugars would so love this book. Thank you Angie & hope to read more of your creations

  4. Angie Lake is my son’s favourite author and we have all our fingers crossed that Mina Mistry wins the book prize, its a fantastic book. Thanks Angie.

  5. Just fabulous!

  6. Simply great and so much fun.

  7. So much fun.

  8. Well done to the publishers: accessible formats to those who are blind, partially sighted or dyslexic. Thank you.

  9. Spread the word: Stacy Scott, manager of RNIB Bookshare, said: “We are delighted to work with Sweet Cherry Publishing, making their content available to those with print disabilities. We really cannot describe the difference that every single book makes.”

  10. A perfect gift!

  11. Always funny and entertaining stories, fantastic for all ages, really recomendable author. Thank you Angie!

  12. Great book!

  13. This book is definitely recommended.

  14. Angie Lake. She is a magnificent writer, her imagination knows no limits and children love it.
    May the gods be favorable to you!

  15. Great Book

  16. Great book

  17. Great book and fun to read!

  18. Angie Lake done a good job!

  19. Great book and fun to read!

  20. Very good! My son’s favourite book as of late! More books please!

  21. Great book !

  22. Great Christmas gift for a young child

  23. It’s de best!!

  24. Lovely and wonderful book! This book is proof of Angie’s talent as a writer. Congratulations!

  25. Thank you Angie for surprising us yet again with another wonderful creation. Very enjoyable for the young as well as for adults.
    Keep it up!

  26. Good book to read and to be enjoyed by

  27. It is enjoy. My daugthers love it

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