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The Nobody Man


Britain’s inner cities are cursed by violence and lawlessness. Authorities have lost control. Social media worships wrong-doers and turns them into anarchistic heroes. Everyday people, trapped in the inner cities sink estates, are terrorised, not speaking out, not reporting crimes.
When Dan’s family are taken from him, he fights back.

Hoodlums rule the roost.

When Dan’s family are taken from him by violence, he fights back.

Vigilante? Hero? Violent criminal? Which is he? Which would you become, in his place?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Authors Biography

Steven was born in an inner-city, grew up on a deprived housing estate but paradoxically attended an Independent School, where he was encouraged to write. After leaving the Army, Steven became a Paramedic and is currently a Practitioner in the NHS. The Nobody Man is Steven’s first debut novel.

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  1. Awesome read, couldn’t put it down.

  2. Excellent read

  3. Absolutely fantastic book it takes you on one hell of a journey.
    Every emotion is tapped in to
    Read this book it will not let you down.

  4. Gritty and compelling

  5. Couldn’t put it down can’t wait for the book to come out

  6. It’s been said by others about this book but “I couldn’t put it down” it was a compelling read and flowed …. I loved it! More please!!!

  7. An easy, flowing reading that keeps you gripped for the next page. This book made me late for work !

  8. Excellent read

  9. Not sort of book I would choose for myself – so glad I read it . Total character immersion need to know what happens next …..
    So many books leave you disappointed at the end this one definitely didn’t …..love it , next please…..

  10. This book is an excellent read from start to finish couldn’t put it down.

  11. An excellent debut novel from an obviously very talented author. I eagerly await the sequel

  12. This book is a great read loved it another book please

  13. The writing of the main character put you in his shoes.,he took you along with him.

  14. Full of twists and turns! What a story.

  15. superb portrayal of life in the suburban streets. And gives way to understanding how each of us reach our destinations whether they are stop offs or permanent residence. Great read well written

  16. I was reading this book at 04.00could not put it down till I had finishedpeter

  17. a real pageturner from start to finish…. Wow

  18. One of the best reads character building to an epic climax

  19. 👍👍👍👍👍

  20. This novel left me feeling that to have justice sometimes you have to resort to what many ordinary citizens would never think of doing themselves; that is, doing justice yourself since authorities don’t give a toss. Is this vengeance? Vigilante? I don’t know but the book is good because as a reader I identify with the main character and the way in which Jenkins builds the plot. A page turner.

  21. A truly amazing story. Well done!

  22. Challenging and beautifully written.

  23. A must read.

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