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Subtitle Life was perfect for Naome, then it crumbled with the revelation that her husband was having an affair.
By Denise Denby
Published By

Mereo Books

ISBN 9781861519450
Fiction Genre Romance
Publication Date 01/01/2019
Price 11.50
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Affairs-Denise-Denby/dp/1861519451/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1618842192&sr=1-1
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Affairs-Denise-Denby-ebook/dp/B07KKK9NPV/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1618842192&sr=1-1


Life was just perfect for Naome Hanson – a beautiful talented picture restorer who had her own art gallery, a magnificent rambling house set in acres of land – suddenly her perfect life crumbled with the revelation that her husband was having an affair – A great read with raunchy sex ,tragedy and great humour.

Authors Biography

Denise Denby, is a freelance author with a background of fine arts & restoration.
After many years of hard work within the art world and industry, Denise decided to move on to another challenge which lingered in her mind for a long time and that was a passion of writing romantic novels

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  1. Amazing romantic fiction from a talented up and coming author

  2. The best ever !! A great read I couldn’t leave it down

  3. exciting novel…

  4. Wow a lot of fun!

  5. Great read! Read throughout the night I just couldn’t put it down!

  6. What a great book I’m finding it hard to put down super book by a great author Denise Denby my vote is number one

  7. A scintillating read, that from the first page grabs attention, and each brilliantly written page leads one into the depths of passion, intrigue, and and consequences.. A great read, from a truly great author, Denise Denby.

  8. Enjoyed this very much

  9. Enjoyed it very much couldn’t put it down!

  10. A real page turner and an atmospheric read, this book has my vote and I can’t wait for the next novel from this talented author!

  11. Fabulous read. A real page turner x

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, full of romance and heartache. An absolute winner!!

  13. Amazing book. Couldn’t put it down!

  14. Wonderful

  15. Put 50 shades to shame.

    Irresistible read, unpredictable from start to finish, so want to live every chapter.

  16. Wow! I was on a Denise Denby bender. I am from a small city, and this book brought me into a world of youth and sexiness I can only experience in the livid “reality” of the authors imaginative and thrilling world. I was captivated with the story line, as most recent romantic novels are one and alike, this was retreat from the normative of the common Jane Austin. I am in love. Just waiting for sequel.

  17. Great book: will there be another?

  18. A riveting read ….with lots of twists. Looking forward to the next one !

  19. Fantastic author

  20. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Naome Hanson and cannot help but suspect this may be loosely based on a true story!

  21. True to heart read

  22. Got as a gift from my other half and truly enjoyed the read

  23. Well done what a great book

  24. Fantastic loved every minute of reading and page turning

  25. I am still reading a lovely romantic novel I must say so natural

  26. I did enjoy this novel great !!

  27. nice

  28. Got this book as a gift best book I have read in a long time

  29. Couldnt leave it down in case I might have missed something 0 excellent

  30. very good novel good luck

  31. so alive capturing moments

  32. I had to vote for this novel loved it – its just life

  33. A very good novel my mind ventured into the moment like a reality

  34. enjoyed

  35. Excellent!!

  36. Intriguing Novel

  37. The best enjoyed this novel

  38. Great Novel Great Author – great story

  39. Excellent read.

  40. Excellent intriguing

  41. What great imagination

  42. Enjoyed reading this novel

  43. Hard to leave a book down well done DDenby

  44. Don’t often find novel as good

  45. Just been given as a gift and rate this a number one novel to read

  46. Don’t find many books to read like this one I’m re reading very good

  47. From a Raunchy Romp to a Riveting Read – captivating to the end. Well done Denise

  48. congratulations Denise

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