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Little Lasagne Sisters
Image of title front cover
By Elisabetta Astolfi
Published By

Cook With Me

ISBN 9781916077201
Children's Genre 5yrs - 9 yrs AND 104
Publication Date 06/27/2019
Price 10.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.waterstones.com/book/little-lasagne-sisters/9781916077201
Ebook Hyperlink https://astolfistudio.co.uk/cook-with-me


Children are led, through the discovery and understanding of nutrients, to establish a balanced relationship with food and build healthy eating habits. Structured as two books in one, we learn the origin of a recipe, we make it, finally greeting a nutritional guest who tells his story and role in food.

Authors Biography

Mother of two lovely children, chefs and testers for all my recipes.
For seven years, I taught cookery classes in London’s primary schools. I always conveyed a positive energy and enthusiasm to the children, their parents, and teachers. Pharmacologist and Cordon Bleu Haute Cuisine Diploma qualified chef.


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  1. An original and uplifting healthy romp through some delightful recipes.

  2. Great stuff

  3. A great book on such an important topic, which is too often overlooked. A great way to teach our children how to develop a healthy reationship with food.

  4. Awesome and creative cooking book for children, parents and in fact for everyone! I wish this book will win the People’s Book Prize!

  5. To stay close to the subject….it is delicious!!!

  6. totally love the idea!

  7. An excellent cooking book that every young parent should read.

  8. Highly recommended.

  9. Great book.

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