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Little Lasagne Sisters
Image of title front cover
By Elisabetta Astolfi
Published By

Cook With Me

ISBN 9781916077201
Children's Genre 5yrs - 9 yrs AND 104
Publication Date 06/27/2019
Price 10.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.waterstones.com/book/little-lasagne-sisters/9781916077201
Ebook Hyperlink https://astolfistudio.co.uk/cook-with-me


Children are led, through the discovery and understanding of nutrients, to establish a balanced relationship with food and build healthy eating habits. Structured as two books in one, we learn the origin of a recipe, we make it, finally greeting a nutritional guest who tells his story and role in food.

Authors Biography

Mother of two lovely children, chefs and testers for all my recipes.
For seven years, I taught cookery classes in London’s primary schools. I always conveyed a positive energy and enthusiasm to the children, their parents, and teachers. Pharmacologist and Cordon Bleu Haute Cuisine Diploma qualified chef.


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