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A Cobra’s Bite Doesn’t Hurt
By Anil Nijhawan
Published By

The Conrad Press

ISBN 9781911546962
Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 03/08/2020
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1911546961/
Ebook Hyperlink http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B085MNHMPC/


Fourteen years old Kalu, kidnapped from an orphanage, forced into pickpocketing, when his friend is murdered, he runs away to start a new life in Kolkata where he meets Tanya, an educated career girl. Will the gangsters catch up with him? Find out.

Authors Biography

Born in India, Anil Nijhawan now lives in Berkshire, UK. A novelist, painter, traveller, former businessman. The love of English language and literature grew in him at a young age, while still at school, though he never considered writing as a career in early years.


‘I love the ingenuity of this book!… Kalu’s honesty – how he took me along those streets in India, the hopes of children, the hurt and betrayal they experience at the hands of adults, corrupt police and politicians – The… storytelling is so refreshing’ – Netgalley review.

‘Brilliant, a simply wonderful read – it is a quite simply stunning read and a book I would recommend to anyone who has been to India, taken the time to speak to people and enjoyed their experience. I am only sad to have finished it’ – Amazon review.

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  1. Just wonderful

  2. I loved this book. Full of love, kindness and cruelty, it is a brilliant novel.

  3. Among ex-pat Indian fictions, this one shimmers with inventive and telling detail. Within the vibrant background, a pacey and gripping narrative of peril.

  4. Great book for today’s time’s

  5. Amazing Read…

  6. Echoes of Dickensian London abound, not just in the criminal underworld but with the unsparing portrayal of the harshness of life for India’s dispossessed. The dynamic pace makes for an unputdownable if harrowing read.

  7. Great read.

  8. Great book – a must read

  9. A book which holds your attention throughout and creates such colourful characters.

  10. Should be on top of your list for giving as a gift.

  11. An enjoyable read while curled up by the fireplace on a warm night or on a sunny deck in the spring and summer. The road the main character take us down are full of adventure and a beauty all its own. The story fills the mind and the heart.

  12. Great book

  13. What a wonderful read ! The author is amazing.

  14. Great Read.

  15. Great read

  16. Good read

  17. Great Read.

  18. Great book.

  19. It was amazing reading ..All the best 👍

  20. Great read

  21. Captivating

  22. Very interesting read .

  23. great work
    awesome read !

  24. A great read.

  25. Brilliant Read !!

  26. Good work

  27. Awwesome

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