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A Philosopher's take on economics
Subtitle 2nd Edition
By John Tippett
Published By


ISBN 9780856835407
Non-Fiction Genre Business Mind/Body
Publication Date 04/28/2021
Price 17.50
Paperback Hyperlink https://shepheardwalwyn.com/product/a-philosophers-take-on-economics-2nd-edition/


This book is aimed at presenting a common-sense, first-principles, philosophical perspective on a vital subject that seems to have lost its way. There is such a thing as justice, there is such a thing as truth; and these two need not be lost forever.

Authors Biography

John Tippett has lectured in economics for 30 years, in Australia and internationally, in both the university environment and the public arena. His formal training as an economist began at the University of Melbourne and continued at Monash University.


Economics concerns human welfare, and the best mechanism to achieve the fairest outcome which preserves our civilisation.”
Dr Kim Sawyer

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  1. A great book.

  2. this is THE BEST book to understand how the economy really works. And that economics was originally about the well-being of people and not numbers and statistics. The section on the special nature of land is simply brilliant. I love this book, it is one I refer to time and time again.

  3. Easy to understand. Not a chore to read but a pleasure. Unlike many economics books I looked forward to reading it. Could only be written by someone who has devoted decades of not just study, but practical application, to economics and philosophy. Consequently common sense and truth with some humour relating to the hidden obvious is apparent in this light read.

  4. Very understandable to even the non economist.

  5. A fantastic easy to read book on the true nature of economics.
    A gift that needs to be shared further in this world

  6. A wonderful book that explains economics in a manner that anyone can understand and especially addresses the role of land value in how wealth is truly created.

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