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A State of Fear
Subtitle How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic
By Laura Dodsworth
Published By

Pinter & Martin

ISBN 9781780667201
Non-Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 05/17/2021
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/State-Fear-government-weaponised-Covid-19/dp/1780667205/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/State-Fear-government-weaponised-Covid-19-ebook/dp/B08ZSYN14J/
Audio Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/State-Fear-Government-Weaponised-COVID-19/dp/B095KZ8448/


This is a book about fear. Fear of a virus. Fear of death. Fear of losing our jobs, our democracy, our human connections, our health and our minds. It’s also about how the government weaponised our fear against us – supposedly in our best interests – until we were the most frightened country in Europe.

But why did the government deliberately frighten us, and how has this affected us as individuals and as a country? Who is involved in the decision-making that affects our lives? How are behavioural science and nudge theory being used to subliminally manipulate us? How does the media leverage fear? What are the real risks to our wellbeing?

Ahead of any official inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura Dodsworth explores all these questions and more, in a nuanced and thought-provoking discussion of an extraordinary year in British life and politics. With stories from members of the general public who were impacted by fear, anxiety and isolation, and revealing interviews with psychologists, politicians, scientists, lawyers, Whitehall advisers and journalists, A State of Fear calls for a more hopeful, transparent and effective democracy.

Authors Biography

Laura Dodsworth is an author, journalist, photographer and filmmaker and has been described as a ‘latter-day punchy Cassandra’ and a ‘Slayer of Taboos’. Her previous books Bare Reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories, Manhood: The Bare Reality and Womanhood: The Bare Reality have attracted worldwide media coverage and excellent reviews. Laura and the creation of Womanhood were the subject of a documentary for Channel 4, 100 Vaginas, which received 5 star reviews and has been broadcast around the world.


~ The Sunday Times Bestseller ~

‘This is an important book. The use of fear as a tool of political management is a major challenge to democracy which everyone should reflect upon, whatever their view about lockdowns and Covid-19.’ ~ Lord Sumption

‘A chilling post-mortem of 2020’s silent epidemic – fear – and how it was used by a behavioural science apparat to terrify us into submission. It’s a thorough, fascinating and important book which I absolutely loved- I couldn’t put it down!’ ~ Patrick Fagan, behavioural scientist

‘This book is a thoroughly researched account of the amplification of public fear throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. It asks vital questions about the science and ethics of behavioural interventions. These have gone beyond “nudging” to undermine democratic values and the rule of law. UK citizens will suffer from the consequences for many years to come.’ ~ Robert Dingwall, Professor of Sociology, Nottingham Trent University

‘What speaks so powerfully in this work are the voices of those affected by the extraordinary social experiment that lockdown has been. Dodsworth draws out their experiences and puts them centre stage, while taking the reader through the techniques and strategies through which fear was made the most potent weapon in obtaining submission. A stimulating and often disturbing read.’ ~ Francis Hoar, barrister

‘Laura Dodsworth has a rare and beautiful talent to observe a situation, process its many layers and present it to the world in exquisite, thought-provoking detail. Without hysteria or anger, she has studied and distilled the forces at work throughout the Covid pandemic so that we may see the world more clearly This is a vital, eye-opening book which provides balance to an otherwise one-sided story.’ ~ Beverley Turner, writer and broadcaster

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  1. Well researched and enlightening book. Regardless of your stance on COVID, it shows how we were manipulated at a time where transparency was called for. This is something all of us should be aware of and concerned about.

  2. A State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth is a book that will be read and spoken about for years to come. Dodsworth writes about different areas of government operations aimed at manipulating the publics mental and emotional state, in-order to direct societal and individual behaviour, things that most people are completely unaware of, sending chills down ones spin. This book is The Pelican Brief, 1984 and A Brave New World rolled into one.

  3. Scarier than any Stephen king book, what the government has (and is) doing is truly terrifying. Brilliantly researched and presented this is a must read no matter where you stand on the pandemic.

  4. A rare ray of light in in the darkness of the plandemic.

    Hopefully enough people will pick this up and the light will disinfect the corruption at the heart of global government.

  5. Wonderful read

  6. Within a decade this will be compulsory reading in history lessons. If it isn’t, we’re screwed.

  7. This book shows just how we are unknowingly influenced or ‘nudged’ by government, mainstream and social media. Such a well researched book backing up what is written. Examples of personal accounts of how the fear mongering has directly and sadly affected people in a bad way. Quite an eye opener and once opened you cannot unsee.

  8. A compelling read that you simply cannot put down. Well written and researched with plenty of data and evidence.

    Some real life stories to give the book something for the reader to relate with. This book really gets you thinking and is a must read for everyone.

  9. Amazing book. A must read

  10. This is a book that everyone should read. The author manages to convey vital realities and conversations that we should all be willing to have. Many people have felt exactly as the author does, and she makes reference to topics that most people are too afraid to look into for fear of an unwelcome response. By far, Laura Dodsworth’s “State of Fear” is the best and most informative book of 2021. A perfect tool for anyone who blindly follows the conventional narrative and happily allows others to suffer by focusing solely on the coronavirus.

  11. an important analysis of the use of fear to enforce compliance over the last 18m. State of Fear is well written and superbly researched

  12. This should be required reading for every senior school student. Only if they understand how they have been manipulated and controlled by an overreaching government will they be able to stop it happening again.

  13. Courageous book about COVID and the governments control of the media.

  14. This should be compulsory reading to help everyone understand what has happened

  15. Has to be the best none fiction book I have ever read in a long time, very informative.

  16. This book is very informative, leaving you to make up your own mind of which I did. To find your Government would do this to it’s own people is unbelievable.

  17. The title says it all- we need more facts and less fear.
    Crisis displays the best in people and the worst in people.
    Balanced argument is essential if our democracy is to survive and thrive

  18. Laura , your book puts into words all those instinctive feelings I have felt in the deepest areas of my physical body that have left me shocked and speechless these last 18 months (and continues to do so ) . For those who have yet to notice , read this book and feel the veil of sedation lift .
    This should be added to every schools curriculum . That way there may be hope for the future.

  19. Very well researched and eye opening.

  20. At least as concerning as the deliberate fear-inducing tactics described are the subtle and sinister ‘nudge’ tactics also discussed which manipulate populations toward desired behaviours while avoiding the overt appearance of compulsion.

  21. Riveting and disturbing read

  22. Brilliant, fact revealing book

  23. Brilliant research with some excellent case studies of how people have been made to feel frightened and controlled since March 2020. Highly recommended.

  24. This book makes it clear that the Government is your enemy, certainly not your friend. Government lockdowns have many more costs than benefits. The evidence is indisputable. Governments throughout the world have used Covid as a cover for a massive power grab, which they are now reluctant to relinquish.

  25. Brilliant book raising the questions, how consent of the population with politics was/should be achieved and if manipulation of the public by behavioral science is legit in a democracy, because it is bypassing the necessary checks and balances. It would not matter where you stand on the Covid response, but the question of democratic processes would still have to be answered

  26. Absolutely brilliant. Exposes for the whole country to see how the govt lied and coerced us all regarding C19. Shocking that our govt can treat its people in such a way. Has taught me to question everything this govt does regarding C19. A must read if you really want to see how lying and duplicitous the govt can be.

  27. Every single person in the UK should read this book, I can’t recommend it enough.

  28. This should be compulsory reading for every ‘health journalist’ in the MSM. Then they might start asking some more searching questions.

  29. Amazing book ..thot i was going mad until I read this…..we are not mad ..its truely a state of fear.

  30. Thoroughly researched, chilling, eye opener of a book. I have to agree with the previous review, in that if you have thought something isn’t right over the last 20 months or more, or felt that you are turning into a crazy Conspiracy Theorist, then I promise you’ll feel vindicated after reading A State of Fear. I have increased confidence in listening and trusting my gut instincts now, rather than allowing covert Government ‘nudges’ to manipulate me, without my permission. I hope, with Laura Dodsworth’s help, you will too.

  31. A thought-provoking and necessary book. The methods described in it are, unfortunately, not limited to Britain.

  32. Given the way in which the UK government have handled the recent virus, and sought obedience from the British people, this book has emerged as a key explanation for some unexpected outcomes.

  33. We all owe Laura a tremendous amount of gratitude for taking the time to write this book. While she was preaching to the converted when it comes to me, I am hopeful many people who have been struggling with fear over the past 18 months will have found some relief.

  34. Laura you have done what no journalist dares to do, their work.

  35. This book kept me sane

  36. This book helps to explain and rationalise the climate of fear, and relentless government propaganda, assisted by the mainstream media, that we have been subjected to over the last eighteen months. I hope every Member of Parliament read the copy they were provided with and reflected upon it.

  37. A truly excellent book, illuminating almost a self help book when you feel or felt like you are going crazy! Should be in all educational settings! Thank you so much Laura.

  38. This book will at first make you angry at the government for its manipulation of the public psychic. Then it will educate you on how to identify the methods used to nudge your thought process, actions. In a time such as these, this book is a must read for all libertines, freethinkers and outsiders.

  39. I have just finished this book. Utterly thought provoking. Normally I romp through a book but with this one I read some and then digested that before carrying on. I realise that I haven’t been going mad and our government are the despicable ones aided and abetted by people who should know and be better.

  40. An absolute must read. I couldn’t put it down. Everything I felt, feel, about what has transpired over the last 18 months, jumped out from the pages at me. I wonder whether there will be a follow up?

  41. A superb account of the 18 months of Covid restrictions in the UK and how clear psychological methods have veen been deployed to keep the public obedient and fearful. An excellent read.

  42. An excellent if chilling book, and a really important read for anyone interested in being aware of state manipulation.

  43. Loved this timely, thought provoking, brilliantly researched and frankly terrifying book.

  44. An absolute must read. The truth about ruinous lockdowns.

  45. Reveals the government’s criminal psychological manipulation of UK citizens to promote fear, anxiety and, ultimately, divide the nation.

  46. Very informative and a crucial piece of work in our fight against tyranny

  47. Well written and VERY informative. The most important book published this year, in my opinion.

    As people have said, once you see it (the behavioural science tactics/psychological abuse) you can’t unsee it. How about they now use their skills to try and undo some of the damage they have caused? I won’t hold my breath though, because these people have no moral compass.

    Thank you so much for writing this book, Laura.

  48. Chillingly accurate

  49. Riveting and uncomfortable read. In an age where not enough questions are asked, and generally many people are not brave enough to research controversial topics, there was a relief to reading a book bursting with questions and research on a very controversial topic.

  50. It was clear early on that we weren’t being told the whole truth, but I was scratching my head as to what exactly was going on, then I read A State of Fear and it all fell into place. Such an important book for everyone to read.

  51. This book just confirmed what I was witnessing at work. The fear I has seen through other people due to the government and their propaganda has been nothing but criminal! The icing on the cake was telling my husband who was on foot and mouth in the early 2000s in Wales culling animals that didn’t need killing due to Mr Over-inflator Neil Ferguson and his ‘predictions’ and yet the government still give him airtime! Well done Laura for an eye opener with this book.

  52. Explains how government psychological warfare was waged on the population so that millions of previously sane people became terrified of a virus that over 99% of people survive. Exaggerated out of all proportion to the threat.

  53. You know that feeling that things just do not stack up? For me, on reading this book, all those rather odd pandemic announcements, events and dogmas suddenly clicked into place.

  54. This book should be on the national curriculum- it is so well researched and written and would open debate on the unprecedented events of the past eighteen months when our government seemed to desert us.

  55. Superbly researched book. Laura has done the work that the mainstream ‘journalists’ failed to do.

  56. Great, well written book. Experienced every emotion reading it. Laura articulated all the reservations and questions I had about how this pandemic was and is being handled. Definitely recommend it.

  57. Laura is one of the very few, who speak on behalf of many of us whose voices are just never heard. Brilliant book that will ‘awaken’ anyone who reads it.

  58. An excellent book. Informative and troubling in equal measure. It’s a book you can’t put down until you finish it.

  59. Essential reading if you want to understand how the U.K. were frightened into compliance during the covid crisis.

  60. Essential reading for everyone right now.

  61. A very chilling but Nesscary read. Well written and researched. Gives a very good insight into what is really happening in this country and the world.

  62. This was the book I was waiting for when it became apparent that there was going to be consequences from the government Covid response that were unstated, unquantified and unscientific.

  63. An excellent study and well-researched expose into the dubious practices of the U.K. government. A real eye-opener!

  64. A brilliant , well researched, well written book that has informed me of how the Government, SAGE , MSM have operated during the coronavirus pandemic
    I am so glad I purchased this book – It is a real eye opener on what really goes on behind the scenes of Government and how they operate
    I learnt a lot from this book

    Thank you

  65. Well researched and written book, extremely informative and definitely eye opening

  66. This book should be a must read for the population of the UK, highly informative

  67. A brilliant and tough read at times, very well researched.
    Highly recommended

  68. This was astonishing. Very well written. With the fury kept beautifully in check

  69. The book is both fascinating and terrifying in equal measure and is a must-read for everyone.

  70. Laura confirmed my suspicions about what was going on with Nudge, fear mongering and a creating the fear that still exists today. Truly horrifying but unfortunately real.

  71. Well researched writteb by a fearless woman. Recommend to anyone who still pride themselves of being a critical thinker.

  72. This book helps in the acceleration of the downfall of the UK by waking folk up. Not before time. Great read.

  73. Excellent book and everyone should read this instead of listening to the mainstream media’s propaganda.

  74. A fantastic read and so impressed with the authors commitment and to the awareness cause.

  75. This book is very important in that it informs about the way the Government has used fear to manipulate the population. Our very freedoms are at risk and people need to be woken up to whats really going on before its too late.

  76. It took me longer than usual to read this book but only because I wanted to absorb it word for word. A genuinely brilliant book.

  77. One of the most vital illuminations arising out of this crisis. Laura Dodsworth is a voice of awesome clarity.

  78. Well researched and hugely important book.

  79. Excellent book. Now I am aware of the concepts that I didn’t know about concerning behavioural science

  80. The last 18 months explained explicitly

  81. This book makes so much sense in a world of absolute madness.

  82. A brilliant insight into how the Government operated during the covid pandemic. I always felt from the beginning of the Covid crisis that the restrictions were disproportionate and this book explains how the Government used behavioural scientists to get us to comply. Very revealing and fascinating and I would strongly recommend that everyone should read it.

  83. One of the most important books you will ever read.

  84. Brilliant read . Spelled out in no.uncertain terms what many of us were thinking . Great that someone could put it all together so comprehensively.

  85. Excellent book. Well researched. Sadly it looks like Laura is going to be busy writing another book.

  86. The book was a revelation not only of the thing I’d suspected but also of what I’d predicted. Yet it was still a shock to know in detail the lengths our government went to in order to make sure the British public obeyed their harsh draconian ‘covid’ rules.

  87. The book was an eye opener. The government have been manipulating the country for a long time, they are now like a runaway train. Clearly written with facts not opinion, everyone should read it. It opens your eyes and makes you aware of what they are up to.

  88. An eye opener on how our government manipulates us

  89. Everyone needs to read this book.

  90. Brilliant book. I now realise that we have been “nudged” for a very long time. In the UK the main stream media and successive governments have been using fear tactics to keep the population in check. Once you have seen this, you can never un-see it. I can no longer watch tv channels like the BBC again, and the very small amount of confidence I had in our political system has now completely disappeared.

  91. Laura’s book but into words everything my gut was telling me from Summer 2020 onwards. Non-aggressive and quietly common sensical, Laura explains how psychology has been used to induce fear in the population. Her writing doesn’t stop the madness but it’s helpful to read and recognise that it’s not you that’s going mad!

  92. A very important book that should be read widely.

  93. Unbelievable facts and information which have opened my eyes to what is really happening all around us and more importantly, to us. Everyone needs to read this.

  94. We are living in extraordinary times. Knowing that governments are actively manipulating us informs our democratic decisions. Thank you for this work.

  95. A book of the time. An enlightening read on the tools and techniques in current use by government on it’s own people. It’s a remarkable record and I think in the future we will look back at this book as a historic reference, a picture of what was happening during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

  96. Great book exposing how we have all been played by the government behavioural psychologists to take a vaccine most of us don’t need.

  97. Laura’s book validated everything I felt was happening. It is a must read and I agree with other readers this book should be part of the school curriculum. We cannot allow any government to treat its citizens with such contempt and hatred.

  98. An important book that crystallised a lot of things I felt were happening & being done to us by the government and it’s agencies. The public have been badly treated and let down, & it may take a while before we fully appreciate the extent of the damage. Well done to Laura for providing the reader with such a cool headed & erudite overview. Important stuff.

  99. Excellent book revealing the extremely disturbing and criminal actions of the British government against its own people.

    Essential reading – should be mandatory on every school reading list.

  100. Great book. Explains how the English public have been coerced into behaviour during the pandemic and are now in the most part unquestioningly compliant and unable to assess personal risk against against loss of personal freedoms and rights.

  101. Confirmed what my gut was telling me

  102. This book analysed and explained the sinister shift of Britain from the country I knew and loved into an unknown territory, where there seemed to be no sense in the government’s response to a crisis. After reading it, I have a framework within which to think, and come to my own conclusions about the whole sorry business.

  103. Chilling observation on the manipulation of a population by enhancing fear. This should never be allowed to happen again.

  104. Most important book right now, a must read for everyone that has believed the government, its advisers and the media through covid.

  105. Everyone should resd it….it should be read out in schools to sed how ” psychologists” have nudged and caused so much fear.

  106. Great yet worrying book…shows the fear some people ( with ulterior motives) can command

  107. Brilliant. Terrifying but brilliant.

  108. One of the most important subjects of our era: who are the authorities in our allegedly democratic societies and why are they working so hard to sow generalised panic? Why, in a democracy, are people treated like hostages in a basement? Dodsworth’s book is hugely courageous; and this was made obvious as the Establishment sent its usual attack dogs after her book. (David Aaronovich with his hit-piece at the Times, for instance.) Whatever happened to substantive debate (rather than ad hominem attack)?

  109. Absolutely compelling and thoroughly recommended reading. Suitable for those who are totally aware of the psychological warfare being waged upon the population, and also those now waking up to it. High school students would do well to read this in preparation for their transition into our Orwellian World.

  110. Loved it. More people need to read this.

  111. This book should be on the National Curriculum. A book to encourage critical thought, healthy skepticism and the importance of questioning everything.

  112. This book should be on every school curriculum. Encourages critical thought, healthy skepticism and emphasises the importance of questioning everything.

  113. Everyone should purchase this, read every word & pass it on. This Government is not governing for it’s people. It needs to be held to account………… soon.

    Thank you Laura.

  114. Required reading.

  115. The best book ever describing the Governments assault on “civil liberties” using Covid-19 as a weapon . .

  116. Brilliant. A well researched must read.

  117. Investigative writing such as is and has been completely absent in the mainstrea.

  118. This book really highlights how low and abusive this government has been in controlling people. Fear has been weaponised

  119. I keep saying to myself that the fear will kill more than the virus. I still think I am right. False Evidence Appearing Real. Many will never recover. You see them walking, heads bowed, eyes staring, face covered. They have lost their minds and will now always view others as a walking, talking biohazard

  120. This book is brilliant. Such an eye-opener for what has been going on and what goes on ordinarily in government “behind the scenes”. Good to have that niggling feeling that all may not be what it seems validated and explained even though it’s quite chilling. I’m recommending Laura’s book and buying copies to send to friends overseas.

  121. Amazing book. Couldn’t put it down. I’ve told so many friends to read it

  122. Everyone should read this book!

  123. I very rarely read a book (like 1 every 3 years) but this was really enthralling and interesting

  124. My partner was sick of me reciting passages every 15 minutes for about four days – that’s how much I loved it. Thank you, Laura.

  125. This book confirmed all my suspicions about the Way we were being played. A fantastic, well researched book that should be compulsory reading for everyone.

  126. A real eye opener, our government are the virus, a real sickness on the nation.

  127. A State Of Fear truly opened my eyes. Very informative. I now scrutinies everything we’re told in stead of taking it all as truth.

  128. The essence of speaking truth to power. But Laura also tells the truth to us all. If you haven’t read this book you can not consider yourself educated about the Covid crisis.

  129. Anyone who has an enquiring mind should read this book.
    The existence of the nudge unit (behavioural insights team) is pure Orwell. A very enlightening read.

  130. Excellent book.

  131. A book that gives a much needed alternative view of the pandemic. A book full of sense, statistics and reflection that make you realise the game we have been played at. Questions that need to be asked are done so, statistics that need to be picked apart are. Excellently researched and well written.

  132. Essential reading for all who wish to see through the Western worlds “big lie”. Our ‘free and democratic’ governments are now using the equivalent of Soviet level proganda to kidd us on. I hope she does one on the Climate Emergency.

  133. Brilliant! A must read.

  134. Thought provoking. Excellent read. Spread the word.

  135. Downloaded this excellent book via Audible .
    Very informative and fascinating listen .
    Thoroughly recommended.
    If you’re driving it’ll make your journey a bit more interesting if you listen to this book

  136. Arguably one of the most important books to be written in recent British history.

    An insightful account into a government manipulating it’s citizenry through the use of behavioural psychology and ‘Nudges’.

    It leaves the reader with the sense that we have entered into a truly orwellian era where ethics are thrown aside in the pursuit of single minded behavioural results.

  137. Compelling and informative book.

  138. This book is pivotal for understanding the extreme fear experienced by the general public to a disease that is mild for the vast majority.

    An excellent and important book that arm’s its readers with a shield to protect them from manipulative techniques used by government to control the population.

  139. Excellent and revealing book about how ethics and rational policy are thrown aside and psy-ops and cult-like brainwashing techniques have been used by our Government against us.
    I already intuited this, but Laura Dodsworth book makes a compelling and thoroughly researched case.
    It is terrifying how easy it is for a modern Government to brainwash most of the populace into compliance with whatever tyranny they want.

  140. Eye opening! A lesson to always question the MSM narrative, balance is required!

  141. A brilliant book. Well researched, and expertly written.

  142. A brilliant and brave book. In the future it should act as a reference to ensure similar acts are never allowed to happen again.

  143. Should be “mandatory” reading for all – a real eye opener.

  144. Fantastic read, a good insight into what’s happening in the government during the pandemic.

  145. Well written and researched, cuts though the hysteria and sheds light on the tactics used to subdue and terrify a nation. A must for anyone who wants to educate themselves on what happens when a government gaslights it’s own nation.

  146. Diligent research is combined with candid interviewing to illustrate the human catastrophe of lockdowns, while the author exercises every restraint to avoid hyperbole or the politicisation of the topic. The result is a clear indictment of an elite who are so sure of their right to rule that they would deliberately manipulate the very thoughts and behaviour of those who elected them and pay their salaries. Whether this will be seen by history as a warning shot that was ignored, or a key document in the fight to save Liberal Democracy, only time will tell, but its importance cannot be understated and I consider its author a hero of our time.

  147. Terrifying and compelling in equal measure. Everyone should read this. Put it on the school curriculum. We’ve been had.

  148. An easy read, and having been down the rabbit hole justifies all I have come to believe.
    I follow Laura on various media platforms and she comments on nothing until she does her due diligence.
    An exceptional journalist and author. A rare commodity these days.

  149. This book kept me sane.

  150. Made me realise I was not alone in thinking we were being abused by our government. Have recommended it to everyone I know who doesn’t already seem too brainwashed to care.

  151. THE most important book of our age. Factually detailed. The authoritarian expose resonates with Huxley and Orwell. NOT a beach book!

  152. I was so grateful to Laura for this book, I purchased 3 copies for friends to spread the word. Before I read the book I was totally depressed with the whole situation but reading State of Fear made me realise it wasn’t me but them!

  153. Only in years to come will this book be fully appreciated. My type of book where statements are made and then links are provided so that the reader can fact check for themselves. In a world of fake news this is a breath of fresh air. Well done Laura Dodsworth.

  154. Excellent book. I encourage all to read it.

  155. A great book, well researched.
    Very enlightening.

  156. A real eye-opener.

    Highly recommend reading this book to learn how we’ve been manipulated the last nearly 2 years.

  157. Very well researched book. It shines a light in the darkness of the last twenty months.

  158. Laura’s description of Boris’s terrible body language in those awful press briefings in March 20 struck a chord with me. From there the book carefully and forensically tells the story of the government’s exercise in population control using fear and anxiety. It’s a fascinating read. I fully recommend.

  159. Very well researched and enlightening book. Thank you Laura!

  160. This is a really important book. Laura Dodsworth has been brave in taking on the Covid ‘industry’, pointing out the way the population has been shamefully manipulated and terrorised by people who should be working for them.
    Whether you agree with her underlying thesis or not, you will certainly recognise some of the techniques that have been employed.
    I hope she will now turn her attention to the catastrophising of the Net Zero cult.
    Highly recommended!

  161. I think this will be seen as an extremely important book in the future,looking back ,because it’s dissects and records the wholesale psychological manipulation that has been instigated and which threatens democracy, freedom and free will. It’s a testament and Laura Dodsworth deserves our admiration and thanks

  162. Too many books are labelled “must read”, well this really is a “must read”.
    If you’ve thought to yourself “what the hell os going on here” as the media, politicians and scientists bombard you with stats and stories that really don’t make sense – this brilliantly researched and written book is for you.

  163. A State of a Fear is one of those rare books that have the power to change you indelibly. It is beyond thought provoking, it is thought wakening. And once you have awakened, today’s world will appear to you as a very dark place. The call is clear: we all need to wake up and rise against the control and fear. For our sake.

  164. A quite extraordinary insight into the criminal psychological warfare techniques inflicted on the British people by the current Prime Minister, his evil conservatives government cabal and assorted henchmen and women . 10/ 10.

  165. For all those who love freedom and all those who don’t. This is a must read. If you all read it the world would be a different place right now because you’d all be awake

  166. Laura Dodsworth’s ears and eye’s are wide open. It is so rare that truth and beauty are together in one person. She deserves the highest praise for her brave and selfless stand.

  167. A vital read of detailed deception, I’ve read this twice, there should be a mandate for everyone to read it at least once!

  168. Full of revelations that should cause us all to question whether or not we still live in a democracy.

  169. A must read for anyone who wants to understand how we were scared witless by our own government . One could understand at the beginning when we knew nothing, but for it to continue, when we know that the virus has a survival rate of 99.7% and the average age of death Is 82, we have to question the tactics used to keep up that fear , as if it affected , infected us all equally . A beautifully written book, fascinating and hard to put down . Definitely should be on school curriculum …book of the decade , I would say.

  170. This book gave me hope.

  171. Amazing amount of research. Much needed book

  172. A book that you just can’t put down. Well written and researched. This book will stand the test of time and may become the handbook of deceit and fearmongering by MSM and the Government.

  173. A very interesting and well researched book.
    I’m only half way through it and look forward to reading the rest.

    I definitely think everyone should read it, it definitely opens your eyes to the fear and manipulation being used on us.

  174. Thousands of unvaccinated Care Home Workers were sacked this week and it barely merits a mention in the mainstream media. Laura Dodsworth lifts the lid on the clandestine government apparatus that generates and sustains the coronapanic. It’s chilling.

  175. A real eye opener

  176. Couldn’t put it down I even took a day off work to finish reading it…glad I did and well done Laura it def hit the nerve!

  177. I think everyone should read this book. Makes you realise how easily we can be manipulated.

  178. If everyone capable of reading it in the country did so, we would not be in such a mess with the continual threats and implementation of, authoritarian policies. It did not describe the “shananigans” around the suppression of early treatment options, but keeping to describing the use of fear by the government, did a very good job.

  179. Excellent book, a real eye-opener!

  180. A brilliant summary of the insidious ‘nudge’ tactics that continue to manipulate the public. This book is a refreshing antidote.

  181. If you’re confused and you want to understand what’s going on in the world: read this book.

  182. It is a must read for the whole of the UK. The moat important book of 2020/2021.

  183. A wonderful explanation of what the awake amongst us suspected was going on. Shame on those in the MSM (eg DA of the Times) who attempted to trash it.

  184. An excellent and disturbing book – and a warning on how authoritarianism and totalitarianism is creeping into our society without us even noticing.

  185. At a time I was beginning to question my own ability to think rationally, my trust in government and faith in journalism along comes ‘A State of Fear’. Suddenly, everything I’d suspected of being not quite right was confirmed as being completely bloody bonkers. I’m grateful to Laura for having the courage and conviction to write this. As is so often the case in times of threat, we need a brave, determined woman to take up the challenge. Thank you.

  186. Hugely important book.

  187. A must read book that exposes the lengths the government went to scare the public into submission. You will never trust those in power again once you have read about their nudge units.

  188. Thank you Laura for putting into words the gut feeling I had from the start that something was not quite right. A really important book – a must read for all.

  189. Brilliant book. Hopefully it’s harder to ‘nudge’ someone who has been made aware of what is being done, through reading this book.

  190. If we can’t learn from this book, it may well be banned – and that will tell you how important it is! This book sows understanding, compassion and human unity where powerful forces seek to divide and rule us. If they succeed – or get more desperate -they will ban this book. It’s pivotal to read this and decide upon the future that we need. Do nothing and we will continue to slide into the hands of the few powerhouses. With digital technology underpinning this, how do we ever get out? If you have children, consider doing it for them. If you don’t, think of humanity – this book does.

  191. If we can’t learn from this book, it may well be banned – and that will tell you how important it is! This book sows understanding, compassion and human unity where powerful forces seek to divide and rule us. If they succeed – or get more desperate -they will ban this book. It’s pivotal to read this and decide upon the future that we need. Do nothing and we will continue to slide into the hands of the few powerhouses. With digital technology underpinning this, how do we ever get out? If you have children, consider doing it for them. If you don’t, think of humanity – this book does.

  192. A must read! Laura captures it so well. “( be)More frightened of authoritarianism than death”. The Converted once turned by Fear are now blind to any reason or desire to question the State we are in. People who you considered as reasonable will not listen to a contra view anymore, and if you try then you are just a pariah rabid anti vaxxer. The vapid acceptance by the British nation of the care workers who will be sacked together with the threat of same to any NHS frontliner who does not want to give up their autonomy is just shocking. Austria is a forewarning of what will follow in the UK if those opposed do not join together. No that is something to really Fear. Be very aware we are totally alone and our only strength is our number.

  193. This book, at some point in the future, may well be used as evidence in convicting some of the characters who have unethically and immorally caused harm on the population and particularly the children of the UK. The more people who read this book, the quicker those convictions will come. The challenge is to get the people who’s belief system has been viscously compromised to read. As Laura says, ‘it will be uncomfortable for some.’

  194. Laura Dodsworth, in her book, showed that politicians are not to be trusted and their actions must be questioned at all times. We must do that if we want to live in a free and democratic society.
    Laura’s book opened many sleeping eyes, thank you, Laura.

  195. To understand what was done to us and how, this is a must read.

  196. The very fact our elected government chose to terrify its own population into submission to draconian rules is unbelievable! This book articulates the program of lies and manipulation by those responsible and should be used to bring them to account.

  197. This is a must read book! I can’t believe the level of propaganda that has been pushed out by our government and this book highlights how they did it.

  198. An excellent book, it’s a real eye opener.

  199. This book is an important and enduring record of the psychological manipulation the population was deliberately subjected to, during the Covid period. Many, in 2022, remain unaware of the significance of this and how deeply it affected us as individuals and as a society. A State of Fear should be required reading for everybody as we learn how to negotiate ever increasing attempts by the political class to control public opinion.

  200. A brilliantly researched book by Laura exposing the deviousness of Government. We must never allow them to manipulate the people or the media again, and we must certainly never fully trust any Government in the future. Question everything…

  201. Brilliant ! I recommend to anyone who has not wakened up to how we were manipulated by the government and media during Covid ..made me realise that my scepticism was well founded.

  202. This is an excellent book which explains how we got to where we are and why. Easy to read with sources for each chapter – helpful for further research. The Government’s response to Covid, not the virus itself, is the main culprit in damaging our society. Interesting just how much influence the behavioural scientists have had on the way we conduct ourselves. This is not new, but has been going on quietly in the background for 10+ years without citizens knowing to ensure compliance through fear. The pandemic (or more appropriately the policies implemented) has caused endless devastation on many fronts, but in parallel it has also highlighted that all is not what it seems. It has made us aware of the relentless state sponsored propaganda and one-sided narrative being pushed by MSM and the tech co’s. Who would have guessed a few years ago that censorship, coercion, mis/disinformation, fear mongering and a deliberate divide and conquer strategy would become reality in Western Democracies? All UK citizens deserve to understand how we have been deviously manipulated, so buy several copies of this book and share with those interested. Thank you, Laura.

  203. If you have an open enquiring mind then read this book – if you believe the narrative you are told then you have alreaday fallen foul of what this book is warning about!

  204. Given the remarkable insights in the book, Laura’s sources clearly have some credible and privileged access… An essential read.

  205. This book remains a beacon of light in a very, very dark time. It will become a classic.

  206. This is a very important book. The public have been brain-washed by democratically elected government, which had one said this before 2020, you would have been called mad. Laura Dodsworth book has exposed one of the most despicable misuse of power the western world has ever seen. This book is a must for those who wish to know the truth. This book should read aloud in every school in the land to warn children what their government (of any rosette colour) will do if given the chance.

  207. An excellent and timely book, exposing with great clarity the astonishing levels of duplicity of our government, the media and the bought and paid for scientific community. The only sad part is that those who have been conned by the great propaganda drive will be programmed to close their eyes to it.

  208. A well-researched book which shines a spotlight on this evil phase in history.

  209. Fantastic read and vital for these times. Laura Dodsworth has done humanity a great service.

  210. This book deserves it place in the library section of ‘Truth to Power ‘ literary classics of its time.

    Her well researched expose of the behavioural fear techniques used on people, is a canary in the coalmine warning.

    These must NEVER be used again to harm the mental,
    Emotional and spiritual core of human beings…no matter the justifications.

  211. This book is a must read.

  212. Thanks Laura ,this book is a must read for anyone who questions what has been going on this past 2 years.

  213. I hope to see a sequel

  214. If more people read this book then they might educate themselves to understand when they’ve been manipulated!

  215. Absolutely brilliant and open book regarding the push people of number 10. The fear they have caused is uncountable and will be around for years.
    Well done Laura for doing work tabloid journalists and msm didn’t want to see.
    So good, great read.

  216. Utterly fascinating book which was almost impossible to put down. Tells you all you didn’t know about how the authorities manipulated the population. A must read.

  217. Exposes the hand-rubbing lip-licking tricks ‘govment’ revel in.

  218. At a time I felt betrayed by the media and bullied by government along came a superb piece of investigative journalism that reminded me I hadn’t gone insane. I cant wait for the follow up now that we know so much more about the manipulation we as a State had to endure. Thank you Laura!

  219. Laura is one smart lady who explains in easy to understand language what my gut was telling me but couldn’t explain.

  220. One of the best books I read during the pandemic

  221. Pity bbc radio 4 wouldn’t review this (I wonder why )

  222. This book opened my eyes made me think and question everything, it changed my life. Everyone must read this book

  223. Excellent

  224. Essential reading.

    Should be discussed at schools.

  225. A worthy addition to the bookshelves of all Thinkers. A crime perpetuated on the nation by people many thought we could trust.

  226. Superb. Should be on Book Group reading lists across the country. A book to raise the sheeple from their slumber!

  227. This book says all the things I had been thinking. We were led to believe that if we stepped outside the door we would get sick. We were given statistics about Covid, but not about flu or chest infections which also kill a lot of people.

    “A State of Fear” examines the ways in which we were made to feel afraid of Covid, while not being afraid of other illnesses or bad things which could happen to us.

  228. I would like to nudge everyone who hasn’t into reading this excellent exposé and it must be essential reading for Baroness Hallett.

  229. Utterly coherent.
    Philosophically astute.

  230. Good must always overcome evil. Truth is everything.

  231. This book should be essential reading for anyone who has doubts about the crazy ness of the last two years.

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