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Billie Swift Takes Flight
By Iszi Lawrence
Published By

Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 9781472988171
Children's Genre 9+ and 45 illustrations
Publication Date 09/02/2021
Price 6.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/billie-swift-takes-flight-9781472988171/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/billie-swift-takes-flight-9781472988072


When Billie finds a way into the ATA – a group of pilots who get planes to the front lines – her life changes forever. And what’s more, many of the pilots are women. Intrepid, inspiring women who show Billie what she might grow up to become. An empowering WWII adventure.

Authors Biography

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian, podcaster and history presenter. She is the co-host of BBC Radio 4’s Making History and hosts a number of podcasts including the British Museum Membercast. Iszi is also a dark blue belt in Japanese style Jiu Jitsu.

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  1. It’s about time the forgotten women of WWII get celebrated and honoured and their exploits told.

    Brilliant! 👍🏻

  2. Brilliant book, just like the first one, my niece loves them. Please write more!

  3. Most interesting

  4. This is a very good book written by a brilliant and lively author.

  5. Fun and Original!

  6. It is brilliant. I could not put it down

  7. Who would have expected the difficult second book to be so good? What an excellent job of work has been done here.

  8. wonderful premise that will teach so many young people about the impact of especially women in the war!

  9. Iszi is an amazing writer and the way history is included in these children’s books makes them learn and maybe spark further interest in the subject.
    Great stuff!

  10. Iszi is a wonderful writer who brings her characters to life in unexpected ways. Thoroughly recommend her books to readers of all ages (I’m 57!!)

  11. Loved it. Iszi Lawrence is brilliant, a national treasure!

  12. My son says it is very enjoyable book to read

  13. super!

  14. Great read!

  15. An excellent piece of historical fiction with lots of period detail; great story which hits all the plot ‘beats’

  16. Fabulous!

  17. Excellent material for teachers wanting the class to understand the home front in World War II

  18. beautifully written and a gripping tale

  19. Enjoy everything Iszi does

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