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Emotional Logic
By Dr Trevor Griffiths and Dr Marian Langsford
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Hammersmith Books Limited

Price 15.99
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Two former GPs provide a refreshing and liberating medical view of the useful purposes of our unpleasant emotions to move life on with healthy adjustments (E-motion = energy in motion). They show through true stories how anxiety, anger, guilty self-questioning and depressive emptiness, when viewed in a totally different light, are not negative, but are the vital evidence we need to name our hidden personal values. Harnessing emotion into values-based action plans renews inner strength, prevents illness and transforms setbacks, disappointments and hurts into paths to come through stronger.

Authors Biography

Trevor Griffiths studied medicine at Oxford University. He was a pioneering GP for 25 years, introducing counsellors and family therapy into his practice. For the last 15 years he has instead run the Emotional Logic Centre full-time, training Emotional Logic coaches in the UK and around the world to prevent mental illness and socially disruptive behaviour, not just to treat it.

Marian Langsford is married to Trevor. She studied medicine at the Royal Free, London, and has used and researched Emotional Logic extensively in the medical practice they set up together. Now retired, she has joined Trevor in the international teaching of Emotional Logic, as well as enjoying their four grandchildren and cultivating their garden. As she says, ‘Planting flowers that grow is at least as important as pulling up weeds.’

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  1. A fantastic insight into how the method of Emotional Logic can be used to provide support and empowerment in all areas of life. Interesting and engaging!

  2. If you wish you could make a difference in the world bis is the book for you. Starting small with yourself, your family ,loved ones,work place, community this changes lives.

  3. Life learning tool to help you adjust to changes. It’s been life changing and I would go as far as saying life saving in my case

  4. Emotional Logic has helped many many people I know. It helps you understand yourself and the useful purpose of every emotion!

  5. This is a revolutionary new take on emotions. It is so affirmative of our full humanity. It could change cultures and lift people’s spirits no end.

  6. Brilliant read and method for anyone facing challenges, which means the whole world right now. Shows you how to heal and grow without being dependant on expensive therapy so worth it’s weight in gold.

  7. This is not just life transforming for many people – but also a way of transforming our society. We need to know how to use our difficult emotions well – as our culture is in the process of great upheaval and change – and yet we can use this good if we know how.

  8. Easy to understand,& good to be able to use for yourself & possibly help others to understand their Emotions & use to benefit your Life.

  9. I approached this book with a open mind
    Within the first few pages was hooked
    I now look at my life with new eyes
    So pleased to have read it

  10. “Transformational, it changed my life fot the better”

  11. Having used Emotional Logic in my life for a number of years and found it both helpful and liberating I look forward to reading this book .

  12. Excellent book and an excellent course. We are embedding this in our Outdoors school for learners with SMEH and/or Autism as well as using it to support staff.

  13. I found this a very helpful view of helping so many differing situations with such insight and compassion by both Marion and Trevor but with really practical ways of seeing how personal issues had arisen but could be alleviated with the emotional logic principles and practice.

  14. This book was well written and very helpful for those struggling with family and personal issues that could be assessed with great insight and understanding using the principles and practice of Emotional Logic, pioneered and by both Trevor and Marion that can be used well by others.

  15. This book contains a down to earth practical guide to harnessing those sometimes worrying emotions into useful purpose 🙂

  16. I know and use the Emotional Logic material, and find it to be both efficient and easy to use. The concept of finding such emotions as anger and guilt to be beneficial to personal growth makes a lot of sense. This book is a result of years of research and more importantly practising the method on real people to help them out of their “stuckness”. Innovative, refreshing and liberating.

  17. Learning how to take negative feelings and making positive adjustments to life through emotional expressions of the heart leads to transformation. Read the case studies to find out the real life testimonies of how effective Emotional Logic can be for you.

  18. Carry on the good work!

  19. Just wow. in these uncertain times, this book should be prescribed on the NHS. Clearly & sensitively presented. I will be recommending this book to many people and I hope it finds it’s way into the hands of mental health teams, GPs, schools, businesses, homeless agencies, counsellors, homes and … well – everywhere!

  20. This casebook brings Emotional Logic into real life and highlights the transformative value of EL. It’s simple, easy to understand and applicable over a wide range of ages. It doesn’t require weeks of therapy and once learnt can be used by the individual for free.

  21. Emotional Logic helps you find a positive way forward to the challenges life inevitably throws in our path. Reading the case studies reaffirms that the world over, as human beings, we all have times of emotional struggle it’s part of life. Emotional Logic offers a way to help ourselves and others.

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