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Feeding Your Vegan Child
By Sandra Hood RD
Published By

Hammersmith Books Limited

Price 14.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/feeding-your-vegan-child/


Whether you are vegan and planning a pregnancy or a health professional needing further information on nutritional guidelines for a vegan infant, this is an essential practical guide. It takes you through all nutritional aspects of pregnancy up to early childhood and on to the teenage years following a purely plant-based diet. You will find practical advice on dietary essentials, menu planning, and recipes together with vegan family stories to highlight the benefits and potential pitfalls of adopting this way of eating. It aims to dispel the common myths surrounding the vegan diet, showing how this can provide all the key nutrients for pregnancy, breastfeeding and, growth and development. It addresses some of the typical concerns: will your child get enough energy? Enough protein? All the essential fatty acids? Enough calcium and vitamin D? As plant-based diets grow in popularity to help the environment as well as personal health, Sandra Hood’s long experience of working with vegan families is more relevant than ever.

Authors Biography

Sandra Hood RD has a degree in dietetics from Leeds Metropolitan University and is a diabetes specialist dietitian for the NHS as well as Honorary Nutrition Advisor to the Vegan Society. Her first book, Feeding Your Vegan Infant – with confidence, was published by the Vegan Society in 2005 and she has had articles published in magazines and contributed to many clinical publications. Sandra worked closely with Plamil Foods Ltd (the first UK soya milk company) in the 1980s to produce Infant Case Histories to prove the efficacy and benefits of a plant-based diet for infants. She has been vegan for over 40 years and enjoys running, cooking and caring for animals.

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  1. Great book.

  2. This is an easy read full of information. As Sanadra has been vegan for over 40 years and involved in many levels with vegan families she knows what they want to know. The advice gives you confidence that you are doing the best for your child ( and the environment ) that your child will not lack anything. Her qualifications and work with vegan organisations means you can trust her.

  3. A wonderful book! Full of essential information for parents regarding vegan nutrition from conception to adolescence. A must have for anyone of any age who wants to live a compassionate vegan life. Brilliant!

  4. Sandra has been vegan for over 40 years. As a dietitian she has vast experience in teaching and supporting people to follow a health vegan diet. Her advice is practical and realistic. Anyone who is raising a child on a vegan diet should read her book. It will give you the confidence to know that you are meeting your vegan child’s nutritional needs.

  5. This book has been written by a highly specialist and experienced dietitian with a wealth of knowledge in vegan diets. A must for any family feeding a vegan child.

  6. A fabulous resource, easy to read and informative.

  7. Brilliant. Thank you.

  8. FANTASTIC to see a book written about veganism to support parents to provide healthy and nutritional food for their kids .. It’s exciting to see the world changing and professionals recognising plant based food is the best diet for us..

  9. Ridiculous!
    Surely a balanced diet not just a parents fad!

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