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Florence Nightingale at Home
By Paul Crawford, Anna Greenwood, Richard Bates, Jonathan Memel
Published By

Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN 978-3030465339
Non-Fiction Genre Biography Other
Publication Date 11/01/2020
Price 19.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Florence-Nightingale-Home-Paul-Crawford/dp/3030465330
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030465339


This timely book proposes a new understanding of Florence Nightingale’s experiences of domestic life and how ideas of home influenced her writings and pioneering work.

Authors Biography

The book is co-authored by four academics in Health Sciences, History and English Literature from the University of Nottingham and Bishop’s Grosseteste University. The lead author is Paul Crawford, a Professor of Health Sciences.


Sioban Nelson, Social History of Medicine: https://academic-oup-com.ezproxy.nottingham.ac.uk/shm/advance-article/doi/10.1093/shm/hkab032/6168553

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  1. Great book!

  2. Great read.

  3. Highly recommended.

  4. Highly recommend! Great book.

  5. Highly recommend. Great book!

  6. A terrific account of a crucial figure in the history of medicine. Makes a great holiday gift for the armchair historian in the family

  7. A well researched and easy to read book. Excellent addition to previous books by others who have written about Florence Nightingale over the years

  8. Great work

  9. Fantastic book!

  10. This the best book on Florence Nightingale!!! Beautifully written! Super interesting!

  11. Lovely story about an amazing woman

  12. Highly recommend, very interesting story.

  13. Wonderful book and an inspirational woman.

  14. Highly recommend! Great book.

  15. Highly recommend! Great book

  16. Highly recommend! Great book

  17. Highly recommend! Great book

  18. An excellent book about this fascinating woman.

  19. A fascinating account of Nightingale’s life beyond her “lady with the lamp” persona.

  20. An important ‘leading light’ figure in the history of health and humanities. Excellent scholarship.

  21. An incredible account about a phenomenal woman!

  22. Excellent account of an important and inspirational nursing figure.

  23. An engaging biographical account of a remarkable historical figure. A life spent in service to others deserves the highest commendation, as does this literary work. An excellent book title.

  24. This is an excellent account of an inspirational nursing figure. Arouna

  25. worthy subject and book

  26. Great book!

  27. Wow. Brilliant. Brought to life.

  28. Florence Nightingale as a person, not just an icon in the development of patient care and hospital management.

  29. Timely indeed !

  30. A woman of our time

  31. This book makes a considerable contribution to our understanding of the importance of public health and particularly the emergence of modern nursing. The individual perspectives of the authors have not only contributed to the high quality of scholarship of the book but in shedding new light on the character and personhood of Florence Nightingale. It does much to lessen the diversity of opinion that surrounds what her real contributions were. It should encourage the general public and nurses in particular to learn more about how health care has been managed and mismanaged in the past. Future readers will not be disappointed.

  32. Brilliant book! Loved reading every bit of it! Very informative.

  33. Great book.

  34. Highly recommended and essential reading for students of nursing, and all health professions.
    The book brings to life the strength of her public service values…….what an amazing role model ?!

  35. Will certainly help us to understand, who this remarkable woman was;
    Will also further understanding if Mary Seacole were written of.
    A study of both these capable women would offer a wonderful and complete comparitive.

  36. This a great contribution to our understanding of the life and times of Florence Nightingale.

    An outstanding piece of literary scholarship. the authors of this book deserve the highest praise.

  37. Florence Nightingale was controversial in her lifetime, and ever since. This book rethinks what we know about her and what she achieved. An excellent piece of work.

  38. Her name was very familiar–but how much did I actually know about Florence Nightingale? This book gave me a
    much greater insight into every aspect of her life. A fascinating read.

  39. This much-needed book brings the story of Florence Nightingale up-to-date. Using a wealth of historical sources and evidence, it explores how the role of her family and her upbringing help to explain how Florence became such an influential figure throughout the nineteenth century – and why her legacy is still relevant today.

  40. This book is a culmination of an extensive, well-researched and communicated project, including a conference and exhibition, all of which have done much to help us re-think and re-humanise our approach to healthcare via a lesser-known aspect of Florence’s life that is firmly rooted within her own home territory and her sensibility around the theme of ‘home’. It is a pioneering and progressive book about a pioneering and progressive lady, from whom we can learn much that is highly relevant today.

  41. It is surprising how many intelligent and dynamic Victorian women such as Florence Nightingale have been misunderstood, their contribution to the Welfare State diminished by stereotyping. This book helps to clarify that situation.

  42. This book combines social awareness and limitations with personal determination, in private choices, to achieve one.s potential and the resulting effects on medical care in engaging and very readable form.

  43. Great to get the dual perspective on such an influential figure

  44. Extremely interesting

  45. Absorbing book approaching this subject from a different angle showing her life in context to the times she grew up.

  46. This is a ‘must read’ book

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