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By Kerry Buchanan
Published By

Joffe Books

ISBN 1789317525
Fiction Genre Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Publication Date 04/15/2021
Price 0.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1789317525
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08ZJPQNCB/


Nic wakes up naked and bound, body covered in cuts. A shadow passes the window. He’s back. He picks up a knife but right then Nic wrenches free and runs. Detectives Harvey and Birch arrive at the scene hours later. There’s no sign of the killer. Like it never happened.

Authors Biography

Kerry has had numerous short stories published internationally, including some prize-winners, but her heart lies with novel-writing. Her crime series is set in Belfast and in the rolling County Down hills she sees from her window as she writes.


“A wickedly sharp debut psychological thriller from an author to watch.” Crime Fiction Critic
This book is fast moving and very tense . . . I also thought the writing was very good for a first-time author and would probably read her next book” Hannelore, NetGalley
“This gripping, graphic debut crime thriller set in Northern Ireland reels with real-life grit, twists and tangled tension.” Joanne, LoveReading

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  1. A fantastic debut novel, full of twists and turns and a real sense of danger. Loved it.

  2. This had me gripped right from the start to the end. A fantastic, fast paced thriller with lots of twists along the way to keep you guessing. Kerry Buchanan uses the landscape of Northern Ireland to create the perfect setting for the story. Can’t recommend this enough!

  3. Fantastic book that grips you from beginning to end, highly recommend.

  4. Really enjoyed this book and living in Northern Ireland I knew all of the places mentioned,also read the 2nd book which I also enjoyed.

  5. A fantastic page Turner which I could not put down!

  6. Really enjoyed this book and when finished I got the next one and am awaiting the 3rd. It was a great read and very difficult to put down .

  7. This is a stunning debut by a new crime writer – I can’t remember when I last fell into a novel that took control of me so completely. Kerry never let up on the tension and every twist brought another turn and another heart-wrenching leap. Stunning work!

  8. brilliant

  9. A real page turner to the very end. Couldn’t put it down.

  10. This book kept me on edge to the very last word. So looking forward to move thrilling books from Kerry !!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is fast paced, gripping, an excellent read!

  12. This is an original crime mystery book. I’ve never seen a book which focused so little on the police and so much on the victim. Who, to be honest, turns out not to be as victimized as someone would have liked her to be.

  13. I had to read this book in fits and spurts and put it down at inopportune times because of life and work, but it was still edge-of-seat suspense all the way!

  14. I loved this book. It’s fast-paced and nail-biting. A joy to read!

  15. Gripping from
    The first page.

  16. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept me gripped and I read it in one sitting.

  17. Fabulous!

  18. Very three dimensional, real and immersive. Especially loved the West Indian desk Sergeant, who’d been at the station forever and had seen it all.

  19. A gripping and enjoyable read. Great characters and plot.

  20. Got me back into crime!

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