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Legal Crime
By Samiksha Bhattacharjee
Published By

The Conrad Press

ISBN 9781913567521
Children's Genre 11-16
Publication Date 02/18/2021
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://getbook.at/legalcrime
Ebook Hyperlink https://pge.me/legalcrimeebook


A story about peer pressure, being a teenager and a runaway discovering the secrets of her family and friends. Sixteen-year-old Fiona Watson runs away from home, oblivious to the dangers outside. As she battles with her identity, she must cope with her huge mistakes… or risk being ruined forever.

Authors Biography

Samiksha Bhattacharjee is a fourteen-year-old British author. She started writing ‘Legal Crime’ when she was seven and hopes to inspire other children to start creative writing too. She also enjoys acting, singing, drawing and talking (a lot). ‘Legal Crime’ was published when she was thirteen.


‘This book has much to offer.’ Reedsy Discovery
‘A lovely tale of friendship draped in an adventure story, with the theme clearly about identity.’ Whispering Stories
‘This complex coming-of-age story blends modern life with a hint of Romeo and Juliet and is a courageous debut by a young author.’ Mary Lanni
‘(The author) has managed to encapsulate the teen psyche without it veering towards the stereotypical tropes that many adult writers rely upon.’ If These Books Could Talk
‘I could picture the characters and visualise the story… (she) ties up the ends of this story beautifully, which I found to be very enjoyable.’ Betanda Shanam
‘(The) descriptions were well-written and had the ability to send a vivid image of each scene into my mind.’ the.b00kreader

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  1. All the best

  2. All the best

  3. Really enjoyed this and that it was written by someone so young is amazing.

  4. A fast-paced, fabulous read!

  5. I was so impressed by the quality of writing.

  6. The complexity of this debut novel is astounding. With Legal Crime Samiksha Bhattacharjee has invigorated one of the most important things about reading: pleasure.

  7. The book is so good, and Samiksha has so much time to be even more masterful. Excited for her!

  8. A great read and from such a young author! I’m excited to see what they write next!

  9. All the best to the 13-year-old author!

  10. I love this book and was Astonished by the age and presence of its author. She has great insight into the angst teenage mind. But also tells a lovely story of the fun snd resilience of young people. Samiksha is definitely a voice to look for as a future great writer.

  11. Wish you all the best

  12. Wonderful

  13. Great job done by little girl Samiksha,i am always proud of her,keep going Samiksha.Wish you all the best for upcoming projects..

  14. Appreciable effort

  15. Though I didn’t read the book, but i m damn sure that the book is awesome……

  16. Awesome

  17. Superb

  18. best book

  19. Good

  20. Very good

  21. Excellent write up

  22. its excellent

  23. It’s great.

  24. Good Luck!

  25. Well done!
    Keep up the good work.
    Very inspiring.

  26. Inspirational.

  27. All the best

  28. All the best

  29. Wish you a bright future ahead .
    Have aVery Good Luck.

  30. All the best

  31. God bless her

  32. All the best, amazing!

  33. Splendid book! Samiksha is a wonderful author, and it’s even better that she started young! She’s a great inspiration to everyone everywhere.

  34. Excellent! By publishing a novel at 13, you have achieved what most people only dream of. You have proved that dedication and determination can decide one’s destiny.
    All the very best!

  35. All the best wishes

  36. I haven’t read this yet but I am trying to! I’ve heard loads of good things so I can’t wait! All the best for the future! 🙂

  37. Well done Samiksha! <33

  38. I’m rooting for you! –Aychearro

  39. I haven’t read this book but have heard lots of good comments. All the best Samishka!!!

  40. Brilliant book!! All the best!!

  41. Amazing!

  42. Woo great!

  43. Well done for being so young and already writing!

  44. Well dne, congratulations.

  45. All the best!

  46. Very nice book.

  47. Inspiring and breathtaking! Brilliant book

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