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Lockdown Life
9781916254251 2
By Children, Young People and Teachers
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9781916254251
Children's Genre Children & Young Peoples age 7+
Publication Date 10/29/2020
Price 8.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.christinagabbitas.com/lockdown-life/


Author Christina Gabbitas put this initiative together voluntarily to give her purpose in lockdown, as all her school visits and events were cancelled. She wanted to give children and teachers the opportunity to pen how they were feeling in lockdown, and to share this with others.
Christina called upon a number of individuals to act as judges, who she has met on her journey over the past few years, including the wonderful actress Jenny Agutter, musician Michael Bradley of The Undertones, and entrepreneur Dr Stephen Fear, who are all patrons for Children’s Literature Festivals charity (1182143 England & Wales). All proceeds from book sales are donated to the charity
A special mention to PC Stephen Croshaw of Warwickshire Police for all his support and ambassador for the charity also.

Authors Biography

The overall judges winner of the initiative was Oliver Klumpler with his poem Lockdown Spell.
Alessia Centanni, Harriet Coates, Gill Parr, Mohammad Uddin, Jennifer Stewart, Harry Carter, Ruby Naik, Eliana Milner, Olivia Webb, Emilie Rowe, Lucia Jesson, Sam Gaynor, Harshini Ramalingam, Philip Amushan, Lottie Eatherington, Esther Alford, Lily Rose, Abdullah Shaker, Emma Donovan, Chloe Carter, Ros Kingcome, Chloe Bower, Nana Baffoe Osei-Sarkodie, William Kennedy, Elise Scotney, Flora Jacoby Richardson, Kaja Dowsett, Emily Dashwood, cassie Clarence, India Boorman, Yasmine Ollerenshaw, Tamisha Newell, Deekshita Bathula, Laila Emmett, Lauren Irons, Donna Craig, Ruby Hoath, Miami Mae Holness, Charlotte Eliza Gunning, Amira Collins, Violet Drabble, Abi England, Amber Zaman, Georgina Agate, Katie bantams, Sophie Baker, Cohan Burnham, Rachel Pugh, Jessica McAndrew Woods, Ayla Cheesman, Ania Mahi-Moutih, Olive Felstead, Gabriel Richardson, Nihal Bathula, Isabella Hickman, Scout Wyatt, Elaine Brandon, Zachary Symonds, Thea Markus, Josh Crabbe, Michael Bourton.


Actress and Patron for Children’s Literature Festivals, Jenny Agutter OBE
“A charming and touching collection of poems from lockdown, giving a glimpse of the fears, frustration and some of the fun to be had.”

“A brilliant collection of poems from brilliant people.” Michael Bradley, The Undertones

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  1. Spread the word. Great book.

  2. Obviously biased, but a lovely collection of poems!

  3. A varied and moving collection of poems by children and teachers. What a great idea to put them all together in an attractive book.

  4. Lovely

  5. nice reading

  6. A brilliant collection of poems about how children and young people were feeling in lockdown. Well done to all poets.

  7. My sons poem is in this book, it would really make his year if it was to win. We all struggled in lockdown and this was a positive outlet from him.

  8. excellent book

  9. Great

  10. A wonderful evocative picture of life during lockdown and how our young people really felt.

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