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Mr Broccoli - Veggie Adventures
By Natasha Rose Mills
Published By

Compass Publishing

ISBN 978-1913713072
Children's Genre Ages 5 and above
Publication Date 10/06/2020
Price 6.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Broccoli-Veggie-Adventures-Natasha-Mills/dp/1913713075/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=mr+broccoli+veggie+adventures&qid=1602248896&sr=8-1


Mr Broccoli is the tale of a young boy, Jacob, who is feeling sad and fed up. Through discovering the health benefits of eating his greens, he becomes stronger and more confident. Anti-bullying is also an important theme in the story, to help children learn to respect others and feel more confident in themselves. Mr Broccoli is a character who already has that confidence, and later becomes a role model.Look out for the next edition of Veggie Adventures – See-in-the-Dark Gang.

Authors Biography

My name is Natasha. I am an actress and yoga teacher. I grew up in Bicester Oxfordshire.
In my childhood I always had a vivid imagination, acting out plays and writing short stories.
I loved to explore characters to bring them to life through my writing. Latterly, during a transitional period in my life, I developed a passion for health and wellness. I discovered the benefits of yoga to improve my own health and well-being which led me to becoming a Certified 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher.

Kyle Bashford is a film director from Blackburn, Lancashire. Story time is a fond memory for him. As a child, bedtime stories stimulated his imagination and creativity, which later led him on a journey into the world film making.

We both discussed ideas for Mr Broccoli and the concept of combining imaginative characters with a theme of nutrition. Children can be fussy when it comes to eating. We felt that creating an imaginative world around vegetable characters could encourage children to eat more healthily. This sparked the wonderful idea of providing the message to the reader through engaging short stories of Veggie Adventure series, with Mr Broccoli being the first.


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  1. Great idea. Highly recommended.

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