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Rainbows During Lockdown


The perfect bedtime storybook for primary school children.Rainbows are a symbol of peace and hope. They often appear when the sun comes out after heavy rainfall. During the Covid-19lockdown of Spring 2020,

Authors Biography

Odd Socks is my first novel and I’m very proud of it. I’ve always loved writing and generally being creative. During my life I’ve written lots of songs, poetry and short stories and was singer/front-man in a band called Cinemawave.

​I’m originally from Hartlepool and moved to London when I was 18 years old. I now live in Hertfordshire with my beautiful wife, son and daughter.


Wonderful imaginatively stories written by children showing the art of story telling is not restricted to Adults. Magical, Memorising manuscripts.

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  1. Awesome book, truly a positive light during the lockdown!

  2. What an amazing book. Well written.

  3. A celebration of children’s talent and imagination!

  4. Excellent piece of work. Well done to everyone who contributed.

  5. Wonderful book full of imaginative, excellently written stories by extremely talented children.

    The author who brought these children together, facilitated a thorough and accessible online course at a time when they needed something to occupy themselves, something to keep them positive, enjoy and focus on.

    The published book offers all of this and more to the reader.

    A must read.

  6. Brilliant book with lots of short stories written by children. A book that brought communities together during Lockdown 2020 and inspired young writers to write!

  7. A wonderful compilation of imaginative short stories written by children during lockdown!

  8. Brilliant idea to get children of all ages to put there stories together to have them published during a difficult time in their young lives

  9. It was good to see something good come out of a particularly horrible time. A positive story of young people rising to the challenge.

  10. This is such a wonderful book. The stories are all written by children and have a rainbow theme. Some of the stories are funny, some sad and others just plain bonkers! But it is such an inspiring read. I really enjoyed it.

  11. Brilliant effort by the authors

  12. Well done to everyone

  13. Fantastic work. Congratulations to all the writers.

  14. Great stories are written by all these lovely kids although they were all impacted by the horrible 2020 Lockdown.

  15. Well done writers! Loved reading them all! Best of luck

  16. Well done to everyone 👏🏼👏🏼

  17. Well done to everyone 👏🏼👏🏼

  18. Well done to all the authors!

  19. Well done to all the others!

  20. Well done to all the authors!

  21. Bravo 👏 and well done to all 👌

  22. Well done everyone 👏

  23. Well Done To Everyone . 🏆

  24. Congratulations to all the contributors to the book!

  25. Great read.

  26. Highly recommended.

  27. This is such a lovely collection of stories from some very talented young writers. A great read. Well done all

  28. What a wonderful idea and inspiring for young writers.

  29. Fabulous idea and excellent content

  30. Written by lots of children, all ages, during lockdown. Stories are truly memorable. Well done to all the upcoming new authors. You are all winners!

  31. An amazing book with an amazing story behind it, having brought together young writers through the online course in lockdown. Inspirational!

  32. Amazing young people, you have my vote, well done

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