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Take a Deep Breath
Subtitle – Living With Uncertainty
By IgorGoldkind
Published By

Chameleon Publishing

ISBN 9798563450462
Non-Fiction Genre Self-Help/How-To Mind/Body
Publication Date 02/15/2021
Price 20.00
Paperback Hyperlink http://takeadeepbreath.one/
Ebook Hyperlink http://takeadeepbreath.one/
Audio Hyperlink http://takeadeepbreath.one/


In uncertain times people turn to uncertain means. This is a book of poetry and art, of fables and philosophies aimed at the pandemic of crisis anxiety so many of us are going through right now in our daily lives and in our inner spaces. We are all of us and each of us in this together.  The sciences but also the arts do provide remedies. The ancient Egyptians wrote curative words on fragments of papyrus to feed their burnt ashes to the afflicted. Lacking morphine, Walt Whitman read verses to fallen soldiers on the battlefields of the first Civil War.  At their best, the right words are more than therapeutic, they can be curative. Take a Deep Breath emulates this ritual here in administrating remedies for living in these times of crisis, in living with uncertainty. 

A unique collection of fully illustrated poetry, fables, and philosophies, Take a Deep Breath, Living With Uncertainty, is a book aimed at the pandemic of crisis anxiety so many of us are living through.

Authors Biography

Igor Goldkind is an author, poet, and independent scholar. At the age of 14, Igor served as a volunteer Science Fiction Coordinator for the now wildly popular San Diego Comic-Con. It was in this capacity that he met Ray Bradbury, whom he asked for advice on becoming a writer. Through Comic-Con, Igor also befriended Theodor Sturgeon and Harlan Ellison, two of his major influences. In the 1990s, he worked in the British comic publishing industry and is best known for having coined the Graphic Novel genre as a global publishing genre. In 2016, his award-winning multimedia novel published by Chameleon Publishing IS SHE AVAILABLE?, broke ground in combining Poetry, Comics, Jazz, and Animation setting a new bar in electronic publishing. His new work TAKE A DEEP BREATH, Living With Uncertainty, continues to blend poetry with art in an illustrated collection of essays, poetry, and fables confronting the pandemic in pertinent personal terms. 
Igor writes and lives in San Diego, California but misses the UK.


“Igor takes you into the guts of the pandemic and gives you a tour of the struggles and trials of the every day environment of the virus that is stalking this dystopian pandemic world of the year 2020. Wide ranging, he takes you from trans-global to the nightly news of the day that is rocketing past at roller coaster speed, pure emotive emotions so personal that it makes you sit back and wonder at the writing here and what you have just read”. 
– Chris Vannoy – US Beat Poet Laureate 2019

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