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The Five Clues
By Anthony Kessel
Published By

Crown House Publishing

ISBN 9781785835551
Children's Genre 10+
Publication Date 08/02/2021
Price 6.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Five-Clues-Dont-Doubt-Rainbow/dp/1785835556
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Five-Clues-Dont-Doubt-Rainbow-ebook/dp/B09B32Q4P4


Don’t Doubt the Rainbow is a new contemporary detective series with a difference – to solve each mystery, 13-year-old Edie Marble must harness the Three Principles, a new approach to understanding how the mind works that is currently proving invaluable in improving mental health and well-being in children internationally.

The first book in the series, The Five Clues, is a real-time murder-mystery thriller and family drama, combining an exciting race against time with a heart-rending story about a teenager learning to live with the loss of a beloved parent.

Authors Biography

Professor Anthony Kessel is a public health physician, academic and author. Since 2019 Anthony has been working in a national role as Clinical Director (National Clinical Policy) at NHS England and NHS Improvement. Anthony is an international authority on public health, a Trustee director of BookTrust, and also advises other charities on global health and mental health.


“One of the most enjoyable murder mysteries I have ever read. I look forward to the next instalment in the series with anticipation.” – Helen Heaton, reviewer for Mendip Children’s Book Group

“The Five Clues is cool in many ways. It has an Alex Rider approach to crime-fighting in that it is non-stop action.” – Mandy Southgate, book reviewer at Addicted to Media

“Overall, the story is fast paced and dramatic, with constant twists and turns as Edie attempts to solve each clue, drawing the reader in and capturing their attention for all seventeen chapters.” – Eve Foley, for Children’s Books Ireland

“This teen mystery is full of adventure and action.” – Sissi Reads, book reviewer @sissireads

“The Five Clues is a page turning mystery which immerses the reader in the world of ethics and science.” – Ruth Cornish, school librarian, via ReadingZone

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