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The Rocket Post


Jack Gibson, a struggling musician from Sheffield with a heart problem, and Gail Spoons, a brash, heavy drinking photographer from New York, embark on an intense search for Jack’s missing brother, Luke. They soon have to face a stark reality on a lonely North Yorkshire clifftop. But who is responsible? And why is there an unexplained spate of teenage deaths in the peaceful, former fishing community of Baytown?
Gibson, Spoons and a local artist, Sam Morrell battle to uncover the secretive activities of a mysterious faith organisation. Meanwhile, at a nearby ballistic missile early warning base, the Station Commander and the UK/USA’s ‘special relationship’ are being seriously tested.

Authors Biography

Ian Glossop grew up as the youngest of five children and studied Literature at The University of Essex, where he developed an interest in twentieth century American writers, particularly Jack Kerouac, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Raymond Chandler. His short stories and poetry have been published in UK anthologies and magazines.


No reviews yet, only just published, but selling well!

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