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The Silent Listener


Two sisters, one perfect, one a “filthy sinner”. Their father a religious bigot.
Joy whips her dead father with the belt he used to beat her with.
He confesses to an unspeakable crime as he lies dying.
Constable Alex Shepherd is immediately suspicious.
Did Joy murder her father?

Authors Biography

Lyn Yeowart is a professional writer and editor, working on everything from captions for artworks to speeches. The Silent Listener is loosely based on events from her childhood in rural Australia. She now happily lives in Melbourne, where there is little mud, but lots of books.


“A wickedly dark debut — haunting and unputdownable.” Christian White, author of The Nowhere Child
“Intense, intricate, emotionally devastating. This is proper Australian gothica.” Liam Pieper, author of Sweetness and Light
“Steeped in atmosphere and with taut, intricate plotting, The Silent Listener, contrary to its title, had me audibly gasping throughout.” Benjamin Stevenson, author of Either Side of Midnight

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