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The Silent Listener


Two sisters, one perfect, one a “filthy sinner”. Their father a religious bigot.
Joy whips her dead father with the belt he used to beat her with.
He confesses to an unspeakable crime as he lies dying.
Constable Alex Shepherd is immediately suspicious.
Did Joy murder her father?

Authors Biography

Lyn Yeowart is a professional writer and editor, working on everything from captions for artworks to speeches. The Silent Listener is loosely based on events from her childhood in rural Australia. She now happily lives in Melbourne, where there is little mud, but lots of books.


“A wickedly dark debut — haunting and unputdownable.” Christian White, author of The Nowhere Child
“Intense, intricate, emotionally devastating. This is proper Australian gothica.” Liam Pieper, author of Sweetness and Light
“Steeped in atmosphere and with taut, intricate plotting, The Silent Listener, contrary to its title, had me audibly gasping throughout.” Benjamin Stevenson, author of Either Side of Midnight

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  1. Loved this book! It was mesmerising and a real page turner. I didn’t guess the mystery and the reveal was a surprise!

  2. I had to read “The Silent Listener” in 24 hours as I could not put it down. The twists in the plot were enthralling. The language was exquisite and the scenes created were spell bonding

  3. This is a powerful, clever and beautifully written story with such detail and resolutions that are both unpredicted but satisfying. I actually woke at 4.00am to finish reading The Silent Listener, clearly needing to know the answers to all the mysteries. A novel that leads to the most involved and thoughtful of discussions of so many issues in past and current families and communities.

  4. This book is amazing!!! Total 5 star for me. Congratulations Lyn Yeowart on a fabulous novel!

  5. It’s very well written and keep you turning the pages until well past lights out.

  6. Superbly written Australian gothic mystery that will have you turning pages well into the night.

  7. Chilling a d gripping from the first sentence to the final full stop.

  8. One of the best reads of the year. Difficult to read at times, but we’ll worth every second. It’s a story that needs to be told.

  9. Absolutely riveting from start to finish. I gobbled it up over a single weekend. Great debut novel. Can’t wait for the second!

  10. Just couldn’t put it down!

  11. I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. It is such an emotional psychological thriller and one of my favourites so far this year.

  12. This is an amazing story which can only be told by someone that has lived this life. I could relate to this book so much. Could not put it down.

  13. Coming from a similar era and rural upbringing in Australia gives an extra appreciation for the fine details and craft in this beautifully written novel. The plotting is excellent..the ending is unbelievable!

  14. This is a fantastic read that will leave you guessing right to the end.

  15. Highly recommended.

  16. I found this an amazing, gripping story and I felt so deeply for the main character. She suffers such cruelty from a monstrous father but with resilience and her imagination is able to overcome all. Stunning novel.

  17. Beautifully written. Details amazing. Reminds one of so much history.

  18. Gripping – catching your breath throughout.

  19. I love this book. I have read it three times. Probably will read it again. I love immersing myself in Joy’s world and Yeowart’s words and imagery.

  20. A fantastic story, you know one of the books that stay with you for weeks after finishing them. This is one of those! So well done.

  21. An absorbing compelling read, even though at times quite confronting and intense. Some unexpected twists and turns. A memorable read.

  22. Lyn Yeowart is an incredible writer and her work will stay with you long after you reluctantly finish that final page. It is equal parts haunting and uplifting, beautiful in parts and terrifying in others – but all the while, engaging beyond all measure.

    I was lucky enough to have Lyn on my podcast program, ‘The Write Way’ – to discuss ‘The Silent Listener’ – you can listen to the episode here:


    You can check out Lyn’s instagram, and follow the link in the bio to pick up your copy of ‘The Silent Listener’, here:


    Was an absolute joy to meet Lyn and hear about her writing and craft. She is one to watch.

  23. A wonderfully evocative thriller from a first time author. What a page turner!

  24. This is a killer book.
    In every sense of the word.

  25. Superb!

  26. Such a gripping story which slowly reveals its true characters and secrets. Beautifully written, The Silent Listener is deeply layered, heartbreaking and haunting.

  27. Gripping and unforgettable. You’ll want to read it more than once.

  28. Lyn is such a clever plotter – the intricacies of this story are brilliantly done. As well done is the visceral terror she evokes in her scene-setting. Both a beautifully written and truly gripping novel, artfully put together.

  29. Infinitely readable Bravo!

  30. A ripper yarn that keeps you guessing to the end Lynne Yeowart cleverly takes us on a heart stopping journey slowly showing empathy for each character Well done Lynne!!

  31. Just loved it.

  32. It’s truly gripping and a story you’ll not forget.

  33. This book hooked me from the first sentence – I simply couldn’t put it down. An exciting, compelling and deeply moving read.

  34. Couldn’t put this compelling book down. From the very first opening sentence right to the end, I was
    hooked. Lyn writes a story that will grip you by the heart and stay with you for a long time after.

  35. Beautifully written, smartly plotted and a very disturbing picture of how insidious evil can fester. It’s an outstanding, enthralling novel.

  36. Compelling, complex and courageous.

  37. Vivid and positively chilling. This book is one that will stay with you for a very long time.

  38. Dark and twisty! This book packed a punch and I couldn’t stop turning pages.

  39. Beautifully written, could not put it down.

  40. The best book I have read in quite a while. Unexpected twist and turns, I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for her next book!

  41. Beautifully written

  42. it was interesting to me

  43. One of the best books I’ve read for years. A kingdom for the debut like that!

  44. I loved this novel.
    Compelling and beautifully written.

  45. We are lucky enough to have Lyn coming to speak to us in June – looking forward to hearing more about how such a great book has been written!

  46. Absolutely hands down one of the best books I have read !
    Gripping , twisty and so very cleverly done !
    I cannot wait to see what Lyn Yeowart writes next as I feel this author is going to an international success !

  47. The writing is just beautiful.

  48. Powerful, moving, suspenseful and incredibly resolved — beautifully captivating writing and storytelling — what a captivating world Lyn Yeowart has created with her words, the kind that leaves a reader gripped, laughing, crying and cheering for Joy. A moving and breath-taking book — I highly recommend this read!

  49. Such a great read, what a good writer.

  50. Lynne created a world that resonated with me. I was lost in it and the unfolding of her cleverly unfolding mystery.

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